11 October 2017

Blogger Stationery Essentials

Are you really a blogger if you don't have a drawer full of beautiful stationery that you will most likely never actually use? I buy a lot of stationery from all sorts of different brands and when I spot a design I like, I find it very difficult to resist buying everything. I'm a pretty organised person and in terms of blogging, and my life in general, I like to use particular stationery pieces to keep me on track.

Stationery is an absolute essential for me when it comes to blogging, I just can't complete my tasks without having something to scribble in or plan my posts. There are so many amazing stationery retailers out there now, some of which are just local supermarkets, that make it super easy and affordable to have nice, pretty things to use. I recently discovered a website called Rooi that sell a whole range of things from candles, stationery, bedroom accessories and more. I was immediately drawn in by all of the beautiful pieces available from this site and knew they would fit in with me perfectly. 
I have been using the I Am Very Busy Large Luxury Notebook to write all of my draft posts in style over the past few weeks. I don't think I have ever owned or used such a large notebook, it really is the most perfect size for any blogger. This notebook is a hardback and contains small pouches inside to keep important items safe, there are pages and pages of space to write posts, make plans and even just doodle. I take my notebook everywhere with me and I'd be so lost without it now, I can't wait to treat myself to a new design in this style, when this one runs out of pages! 

To go alongside my new notebook I treated myself to the prettiest set of pencils ever. The Compliment Pencil Set is packed full of ten wooden pencils, each with a different colour and motivational message written on the side. You can't ask for much more whilst working, my favourite has to be the holographic effect and I just love all of the different messages on each pencil, it's the perfect pick me up during a rubbish day. 
I'm a bit of a sucker for post-it notes as I find them super handy and a great way to organise things. I use them on a daily basis to remind myself of tasks I need to complete as well as using them to note down new ideas. I couldn't resist adding the I Am Very Busy Sticky Note Set to my collection, I love the variation of sizes and the different designs are super cute. Using fun and colourful stationery always gives me so much more motivation and encouragement to finish things. 

What are your stationery essentials? What essential items do you swear by for your blogging routine?
Alice May Snell