08 August 2017

The Stay All Day Products

Long-lasting makeup is a key factor that I look for when buying my products, my makeup usually goes on at 06:00 and comes off at 22:00, thats a pretty long time especially as I like it to stay as fresh and flawless as possible. Over time I have discovered a variety of products that are super long-lasting on my skin meaning I can worry less about re-application throughout the day.


04 August 2017

Tips To Organise Your Makeup Collection

My makeup collection has grown quite a lot over the past year or so, I am always keen to try new products that land on the shelves in the high street stores and I am also very lucky to receive products from brands to try out. I store my makeup in the classic IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit, it's a fab piece of furniture to have and it fits perfectly inside my wardrobe allowing me to have extra space in my bedroom. When I first built and filled my Alex unit I organised it perfectly and had a special section for all types of different products, it worked really well but I found it hard to keep it tidy. Over the past few weeks my makeup collection has turned into a bit of a nightmare, there are products in the wrong drawers and I just needed a new way to arrange my things.


01 August 2017

Favourite Things In July

There we have it, another month of the year has been and gone and thankfully it was another good one. July was filled with lots of fun times, exciting new beauty releases and I treated myself to a sparkly new MacBook Pro which I am loving. July went super fast and I'm pretty glad of this as I am very excited for August, the month my first little nephew is due to be born! I am overjoyed about becoming an Auntie and I can't wait for the happiness the upcoming months will bring. I love reading monthly favourites posts and as I have some golden products this month, I thought I would share them.
Alice May Snell