27 July 2017

Summer Scents With So...? Body Mists

I remember using body mists as a teenager, it would be the cool thing to have in your handbag and everyone would want to try your new scent, especially in the changing rooms after a PE lesson! Since leaving school and moving into my twenties, I haven't really reached for body mists ever since, I always saw them as a younger product and opted for perfume instead. I recently came across the brand So...? which is one I always used back in the day. I noticed they had released new summer scents in their body mist range which I couldn't resist trying out. 
So...? have released a number of new scents for their summer range and I can safely say that from the ones I've tried, they smell amazing. The scents from the collection I have are Vanilla Milkshake*, Iced Melon*, Fresh Floral* and White Petals*, the names alone give away that they are going to smell lovely. Each scent has a very distinctive undertone to it and when applied to the skin, you can really smell those undertones and the scent lasts such a long time once applied. The great thing about these is that the body mists aren't just limited to spritzing on your skin, they are great for freshening up clothes, lines and shoes, or even just to add a nice scent to your home.
I was a little skeptical about trying body mists again but I am starting to prefer using them over a lot of my more expensive perfumes. Perfume is lovely for those special occasions but it can sometimes be very expensive therefore an alternative like these, which only cost £3.99 each from Boots or Superdrug, is a bargain you just can't miss. 

Have you tried any of the new summer scents? Does this brand take you back to your teenage years?

Alice May Snell