02 July 2017

July Goals

Wow, where on earth did June disappear to? I've had a pretty lovely month full of nice days out, some beautiful english weather and exciting projects. I still can't believe we're six months into the year. July is always a really nice month for me as its always a busy time at work so the days go super fast and I love the long, light evenings we have here in the UK, it means I can fit in lots of evening walks and generally feel happier. I set myself resolutions at the start of the year that went out of the window within a couple of days, I am determined to make this month the start of something new and to start having a happier, enjoyable life. I'm going to start setting myself monthly goals, hopefully this will give me something to reflect upon and a way to keep track on how I'm doing, so here are my goals for July.

Eat better 
I used to have a really good diet, I'd eat way over my 5-a-day and I would hardly ever reach for naughty sweet treats, these rules went out the window at the end of last year and I just completely slipped off the wagon. I am determined to get back into my routine of starting the day right with a healthy hearty breakfast and introducing my favourite vegetables back into my diet. A healthy diet really makes a difference to my mood and my skin, I can't wait to see some results. 

I don't stray away from my hometown very often and it's time to start exploring new places even if it is just in England, yes I've never been on a plane before! I haven't been to the seaside in over two years and I really miss the atmosphere and the sunshine, I'd really like to take a trip back to Bournemouth and a new trip to Brighton. As much as I love Oxfordshire, there are so many amazing places to see and so many amazing things to do, I really need to bite the bullet and go and experience these things. 

Take better photos
In terms of my blog and Instagram I've never been the best photographer and I'm always taking photos that I don't feel 100% happy with, which I'd like to change. I want to start taking photos that I look back on and feel proud, photos that other people look at and think wow! Photography can be really difficult and I know that there will always be someone better than me but I really want to try and up my game to make my content better, this also ties in well with my travel goal as I'd like to explore and photograph new places.

A digital detox
I spend all day on the computer at work and then at home in the evenings I either sit on my laptop or on my phone which really isn't that good for me. I'm going to start taking smaller breaks at work throughout the day to ensure my eyes get the rest they need, it's not good to stare at a screen all day for anyone. I plan to start working on my blog over the weekends so that my weekday evenings can be a little less busy and I can do other things such as taking evening walks or seeing friends. 

Although I only have four goals for this month I think they are pretty big ones to stick to so I think I will leave it at that for now and see how I get on. I plan to do a post like this every month so at the start of next month I can re-cap on these goals and set new ones, I love the idea and I'm super excited to be starting something new here on my blog. 

What are your plans for July? 

Alice May Snell