29 July 2017

A Happy Time of The Month With Pink Parcel

Every so often a new subscription box comes along and really impresses me, this month it's the Pink Parcel. If you have read my blog before you'll know that I really enjoy monthly subscription boxes as they are a great and affordable way to try new brands and products. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that includes a selection of tampons, pads or a selection of both, as well as a little section of special treats for you. I've never tried any sort of service of this style before and so far I am very impressed, it's a nice thought that there is something arriving each month to make that time of the month a little less painful.
If you decide to sign up to Pink Parcel your first box will cost just £6.99, further boxes will cost £10.50 per month which is a fantastic price for such a large selection of items. When you sign up online you will need to select your choice of tampons, pads or a selection of both as well as picking the date you'd like your box to arrive each month.

When my Pink Parcel arrived I was really excited by the lovely design and layout of the contents inside, the little booklet that explains the service is very nicely illustrated and is well suited to the products target audience. There are 4 sections inside the box which I will explain below:

For now - keep these in your bag
A small black pouch containing a selection of tampons and pads for you to keep in your handbag whilst you're on the go, you can switch the items inside around to whatever you feel you will need for that day.

For later - keep these close by
This box contains a further selection of tampons and pads which you use these to re-fill your black pouch for the day. You can decide when you subscribe exactly what style of tampons and/or pads you would like to receive.

For bedtime - designed especially for the night
A monthly supply of bedtime pads which is very well suited to me as I like to change my type of pad for bedtime. It's great to have a specific section for night time as sometimes you need that little extra bit of support. 

For you - a little something to cheer you up
I am very lucky that my time of the month isn't usually too bad but I do find myself going after more sweet treats and pampering myself a little more. This section of the parcel contains all sorts of lovely little items such as a Chirp Body hair mask, Nip & Fab cleaning pads, Skin Lounge face mask, Joe & Seph's popcorn, Monty Bojangles truffles and more. 

Overall I really love this subscription service, the way the package is presented is gorgeous and the contents inside make the box very good value for money. The idea is great for anyone who suffers on their time of the month as this is a way of giving you something to look forward to, and make that time of the month a little bit less painful. The company also have a subscription box called Betty Box which is more tailored to girls in their teenage years, it has super cute packaging too!

Have you ever tried a monthly period subscription service?

Alice May Snell