30 July 2017

Perfecting My Brows With Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit have really upped their game in terms of brow products recently, I am a big lover of styling my brows so for them to release new products to try, is a bonus. Since I last purchased from the brand, they have re-launched the brow range with new glamorous packaging and a few new products to the line. When it comes to buying makeup, I am always drawn in by nice packaging so, for me, I knew I had to try a few bits from the range. If you are on the hunt for the perfect brow product or you just fancy trying something new, I am sure one of these products will suit you.

29 July 2017

A Happy Time of The Month With Pink Parcel

Every so often a new subscription box comes along and really impresses me, this month it's the Pink Parcel. If you have read my blog before you'll know that I really enjoy monthly subscription boxes as they are a great and affordable way to try new brands and products. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that includes a selection of tampons, pads or a selection of both, as well as a little section of special treats for you. I've never tried any sort of service of this style before and so far I am very impressed, it's a nice thought that there is something arriving each month to make that time of the month a little less painful.

27 July 2017

Summer Scents With So...? Body Mists

I remember using body mists as a teenager, it would be the cool thing to have in your handbag and everyone would want to try your new scent, especially in the changing rooms after a PE lesson! Since leaving school and moving into my twenties, I haven't really reached for body mists ever since, I always saw them as a younger product and opted for perfume instead. I recently came across the brand So...? which is one I always used back in the day. I noticed they had released new summer scents in their body mist range which I couldn't resist trying out. 

09 July 2017

Rimmel Insta Collection First Impressions

When it comes to high street makeup brands, Rimmel are one of the best when it comes to new product releases and ranges, their new Insta collection is definitely not a disappointment. Since the release of the Fix & Go setting spray they have launched even more products into the range including contour sticks, colour correcting palettes and more. I've been trying these new products for the past week now and wanted to give you a little first insight into my first thoughts so if you'd like to fid out more, keep reading!


02 July 2017

July Goals

Wow, where on earth did June disappear to? I've had a pretty lovely month full of nice days out, some beautiful english weather and exciting projects. I still can't believe we're six months into the year. July is always a really nice month for me as its always a busy time at work so the days go super fast and I love the long, light evenings we have here in the UK, it means I can fit in lots of evening walks and generally feel happier. I set myself resolutions at the start of the year that went out of the window within a couple of days, I am determined to make this month the start of something new and to start having a happier, enjoyable life. I'm going to start setting myself monthly goals, hopefully this will give me something to reflect upon and a way to keep track on how I'm doing, so here are my goals for July.

Alice May Snell