04 June 2017

YSL Brow Couture Wardrobe

Since I really got into makeup a few years ago, brows have always been a big thing for me, I’ve always really enjoyed experimenting with new brow styles and especially finding new brow products that work for me. Eyebrows frame your face and now that I’ve gotten into a routine of styling mine on a mostly daily basis, it can feel strange to not follow this routine. I remember the days when I was at school and I didn’t even own an eyebrow pencil, there was also a real lack of good quality products on the market yet now, it is so hard to choose what product to try next. I like my brows to look neat, tidy and natural whilst also matching my hair colour nicely, I can’t stand an eyebrow product that is too dark or warm toned. A few weeks ago these lovely products from Yves Saint Laurent landed on my doorstep and I have been absolutely loving using them, they have completely transformed my eyebrow routine and I’m here to tell you more about each product in the Brow Couture* range
There are four products in this range and firstly I wanted to say how beautiful the packaging is, I will admit that I don’t own a lot of YSL makeup so I am extremely lucky to have some pretty gold packaging in my collection. I was first drawn to the Couture Brow Palette* as I find these the easiest product to use on my brows and I feel they achieve the most natural look, it’s also really easy to combine shades and create the perfect custom shade to suit you. This palette contains three shades of brow powder and it is available in two shades, I have the darker of the two and the shades in this palette compliment my hair colour perfectly, not too dark and certainly not warm toned at all, they are perfectly ash toned to compliment my complexion. Each powder shade is extremely pigmented and is soft to the touch, a little product goes a long way and it blends into the skin like a dream, the finished look is very natural and isn't too heavy. The palette also contains a small brow brush and a pair of mini tweezers, two very handy tools to have whilst you’re on the go and I must say that the tweezers work very well.
The next product I’ve been enjoying is the Dessin Des Sourcils* which is an eyebrow pencil in a brunette shade. Pencils are my second choice over powders as they can be a little harder to use however I’ve really been enjoying using this pencil in particular. The texture of this product is soft and blendable but also firm enough to allow the product to stay in place all day and prevent smudging, it doesn’t pull on the natural eyebrow hairs or cause any pain to the area of application. The shade of this product again is very well suited to me, it is ash toned and is probably slightly lighter than I’d normally opt for but I really like the finished result I receive when using this, I'm actually beginning to really like a slightly lighter tone to my brows so this shade is perfect. 

One of the products I was a little scared of at first is the Couture Brow Marker* as when I first removed the lid, I was greeted by a giant felt tip nib and it isn’t usually the type of product I would opt for when styling my brows. However, I really wanted to give this product a go as you should never judge a book by its cover and I’m glad to say I’ve been really impressed. The shade is lovely, it’s easy to use and my brows still look super natural at the end of application. I was really surprised by this product because at first glance you expect it to give off a very bold, dark effect but actually the tip of the marker only allows a small amount of product to be released and therefore the application onto the skin is very natural and forgiving. The chisel tip of the market makes it super easy to achieve the perfect shape to the brows and you could even combine this product with any of the others to create a more intense look.
Lastly in this collection and the product I‘ve been using to finish my brows off for the past few weeks is the Couture Brow Mascara* which is essentially a tinted mascara for your brows, designed to set your brows and the product underneath in place all day and add a volumised effect. The mascara is lovely for adding that little finishing touch to your look but it’s also great for those no makeup days where you just want to look a little put together, for me a little something in my brows always makes me look and feel more confident and this product is perfect for that. I’m using this product on a daily basis to keep my brows in place all day and to add that little bit of extra definition to them, they look and feel great and I’ve received many compliments regarding how my brows look.I am so glad I had the chance to try the new YSL Brow Couture range and I now have some wonderful staple products in my collection that have really changed my brow routine.

What is your favourite YSL product?

Alice May Snell