27 June 2017

Rimmel London Super Gel Nails

Being a blogger certainly has it's little perks, one of these being that I somehow landed myself on Rimmel London's PR list, which is crazy and I am so forever thankful for. Every so often I receive a super pretty metallic jiffy bag through my letterbox with a new release of theirs, the latest being the new Super Gel* nail polish shades. 

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wear nail polish and since I am a qualified beauty therapist trained in Gelish, I usually opt for gel polish over the standard polish you'd pick up on the high street. Although Gelish is lovely and it lasts a good two weeks, it takes longer to apply, it's not a lot of fun to remove and it's quite expensive to buy with a new colour costing around £20. When these new Super Gel shades landed on my doorstep I jumped right in to trying them, I removed my gel polish and decided to try each and every shade, its been a while since I've had such funky looking nails!

There are five new shades which include Flamenco Beach, a staple red, Sun Fun Daze, a hot pink, Coral Queen a super summery orange, Dive Right In, a lovely turquoise and finally Purple Splash which is a light toned lilac. Every shade is really pretty and they are perfect for this time of year, of course my favourites have to be the lilac and hot pink. There are two simple steps to the Super Gel range, there is no need for a base coat which means it takes even less time to get the gel look, you apply two coats of your chosen shade then top if off with the top coat and you're done, there is no need for a UV lamp.

The one disadvantage to using polish without a UV lamp is that you have to wait for it to dry, like regular nail polish, however I found that Super Gel dried really quickly and I could continue with my usual daily duties after around thirty minutes of application, I left around 60 seconds between each coat of polish. I've been really impressed with the longevity of Super Gel which claims to last up to 14 days on the nails and its safe to say mine lasted a good 10 days with I was impressed with considering I work in a typing role in which my nails suffer a little.

When it comes to my nails I'm now opting for Super Gel over any my Gelish shades as its just so easy to apply and it lasts just as good, its also super easy to remove and change the colour whenever you want to, it has made my life so much easier and its also a whole lot less expensive. Each shade in the Super Gel range costs just £5.99 with around 30 shades available, you then just need the top coat which is also £5.99 and you're good to go.

Have you tried this range yet?

Alice May Snell