08 June 2017

Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening

Having a clean bright smile is quite a thing for me, I got into teeth whitening a couple of years ago and since then I've trialled quite a few different products and brands that offer whitening products. It's National Smile Month from 15th May to 15th June and the lovely brand Janina challenged me to try some of their whitening products to achieve a brighter smile. Janina products are made from fruit enzymes so they are claimed to offer a less harmful whitening experience than many other products on the market, this intrigued me as I am very keen to use products that aren't harmful to my teeth.

The first product I have been trying are the Maxiwhite Whitening Strips*, I find this type of whitening product super easy to use and they don't take too long so I was really pleased to receive these in the post. The packet instructs you to use the strips twice a day for seven consecutive days which is exactly what I did and thanks to the natural ingredients and peroxide-free formula, I didn't suffer from any sensitivity or aching whilst using these. The strips were pretty easy to apply as long as you ensure your teeth are clean and dry before application and you have to try to keep your mouth dry whilst the strips are on, otherwise it can feel like they are sliding away slightly. I kept the whitening strips on my teeth for 30 minutes each time and I am so impressed with the results at the end of the seven days, my teeth look brighter and cleaner, I can't stop smiling to show them off!

I also received the Maxiwhite Pre-Filled Trays* which I was really looking forward to trying as they looked like a really good professional whitening product also also seemed super easy to use. After the fab results from the whitening strips I left my teeth for a week or so before trying the trays which is a five day system so this may be more preferable to you if you want a quicker result. The Pre-Filled trays are one size and consist of a silicone tray filled with the whitening product, you simply apply the trays to the top and bottom teeth and the product is distributed evenly to whiten the teeth. At first I thought I would like these more than the strips but in all honesty, I found these a little trickier to use as they felt quite uncomfortable in my mouth and with them being in for 35 minutes at a time, I just couldn't take my mind off them being there. I did manage to stick with it as the treatment was only for five days and I can say I am super impressed with the results, even after the third day I noticed a big difference and at the end my teeth feel clean, bright and healthy. 

I've been very impressed with the products I've tried and it has definitely been an experience trying whitening trays for the first time, I will definitely be purchasing the whitening strips for future use. Janina also offer many other whitening products such as toothpaste, foam and spray that all sound super good, I imagine their toothpaste is great for daily use to keep the whiteness looking fresh. 

What are your favourite teeth whitening products? 

Alice May Snell