11 May 2017

New Technic Strobe Kits

If you haven't heard of this brand before then you're in for a treat. Technic Cosmetics are a lovely affordable makeup brand available here in the UK that I have spoken about previously and absolutely love their products. Unfortunately the brand is only available online at the moment as far as I am aware, it'd be great to see them launch into Superdrug one day. Technic have recently launched some new products and they kindly sent me to try out, I was very excited to see these land on my doorstep and I think you are going to love the palettes I am going to be showing you today.
The brand have recently launched their Strobe Kits which are available in two shades, these aren't even yet available on the Love Thy Makeup website but they are available from Pretty Little Thing for just £4.00 each. As I mentioned, there are two shades available which are Blush and Bronze, and you'll actually notice that the shades are very similar to the Sleek Solstice palettes that are so loved and raved about. Each Strobe Kit contains four shades, two of which are cream and two of which are powder, I like this because you can achieve completely different looks by using one palette. The Blush palette consists of champagne shades and pink shades, all of which are stunning and very suitable for us pale skin girls. The Bronze palette contains white and bronze shades, these are definitely more suited to skin with colour but I really like the very first white cream shade, that works lovely on my skin tone.

I must admit that although these are called Strobe Kits I haven't really gotten the hang of strobing yet so I've really been using these to highlight and bronze which they work perfectly for. Each shade is super pigmented, easy to work with and leaves your skin looking and feeling glowy all day. If you're on the hunt for a budget highlighting kit or you want a dupe for the Sleek palettes then these are definitely a great one to try, you can get both of these for less than one of the Sleek palettes, I do still love mine though!
Overall I love these new products from Technic and for anyone who is a highlighter addict like me, I have no doubts that you will love them too. Be sure to check the Technic Instagram page to see all of their new product releases and find out when you can order from them direct.

Have you tried Technic Cosmetics before?

Alice May Snell