31 May 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s coming up to the time of year where we get to treat our Dads to something special. I really like occasions like this because it’s a lovely way to show your relations how special they really are and how grateful they are for everything they do. Father’s Day here in England is on Sunday 18th June and I am currently thinking of gift ideas for my Dad as I do find this a little harder than Mother’s Day, probably because I am quite girly and have no idea what men really like! I’ve come up with a little selection of ideas of things you could treat your Dad to this June and always remember it doesn’t matter what you spend on someone as it’s the thought that really counts.

Fragrance is quite an obvious and already popular gift ideas for Father’s Day because it is usually an item that you wouldn’t buy yourself but would greatly receive as a gift. There are so many lovely fragrances for men on the market now, one of my particular favourite brands L’Occitane have a wonderful range of perfume for men L'Occitane that are all under the £50 price range, considering you will receive a bottle of 100ml product for this price I think is very affordable and great value for money, considering how often men really wear their fragrances! The packaging of these fragrances are all lovely and simplistic, each one has a totally unique scent and set of ingredients so you can really tailor the product to meet your Dad’s needs. 

There have been many times that my Dad has lusted over my Fitbit and he has always said how he’d love to see how much movement he does at work in a day, we have however said that it would probably be a health and safety risk for a mechanic to wear a wristband like such! Fitbits are fantastic and I would be lost without mine, they are a great way to encourage activity and a healthier lifestyle. It’s important that we look after our elders and ensure they are as healthy as possible. Although Fitbits are a little more on the expensive side as a gift, it’s definitely a one buy item that would be greatly received. Other technology based gift ideas could include a new phone case, the brand Richmond & Finch do a lovely range of cases that are well suited to males and females. 

Something I will definitely be treating my Dad to this year is some new skincare items to keep up his good skincare regime, we are a big lover of Liz Earle in my household so we have even got the males into it at last! Liz Earle offer a complete male range of products that includes a cleanser, toner, shaving foam, shower gel and more, I know that my Dad swears by the Cleanse & Polish, it also smells really nice for a men’s product, I think I may even prefer it to the original scent! Introducing your Dad to good skincare is a great idea to keep them looking younger for longer, so many lovely brands sell skincare for men these days and there are many brands even in the high street stores that would be suitable such as Nivea and L’Oreal.

Finally, the super easy one gift choice has to be chocolate, I know for a fact that my Dad has a big sweet tooth and I definitely inherited that gene from him! I find myself in the supermarket for most special occasions for my Dad because he loves all of the sweet things in life. Some particular favourites I like to choose are Toblerone, Dairy Milk Big Taste, Randoms, Wine Gums and Brazil Nuts.

So there we have it, a few gift ideas for you to think about, there are so many other ideas including new clothing, jewellery, technology or even something that relates to their career, the possibilities really are endless once you think about it. What will you be treating your Dad to this Father’s Day?

This post contains sponsored links by L'Occitane.

Alice May Snell