12 April 2017

Organising My Blog

I have to be organised. My full-time job is all about organisation, ensuring everything runs smoothly and I also incorporate this into my hobby, that being my blog. When I am organised and in control I feel calm and as though I can achieve anything, its good to be in control, to feel on top of everything and never to feel too overwhelmed. Organisation is the key to being successful and fully achieving your goals, I love to be organised and I'm here to help you become more organised too or at least try!  Plan your ideas in advance and have ideas in the back of your mind, always. It is important to have a list or just an idea of what you want to write about, what posts you want to create, that way you can focus on making those ideas turn into a reality. Planning your content can be so easy once you know how and if you have handy resources such as the Dot Creates Blog Planner Notepad which allows you to write down all of the info you need for your upcoming posts and even write a short, draft version. A planner like this is a great way to ensure you never forget those ideas you have and is a way to plan your posts, schedule and organise when you will post what.
Set goals and ensure they are realistic and achievable, give yourself a deadline for exactly what you want to achieve and believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to. I like to set myself little goals for example recently I've set myself the goal to post on my blog at least once a week, I've achieved that so far and I've actually excelled at it. Also, remember that when you do achieve a goal or achieve a task that you are proud of, reward yourself and be proud.

Take plenty of photographs in batches and of all kinds of different things to ensure you will always have something to write about. Whether you take photos of a product you'd eventually like to review or just a standard stock photo that could work with many different post titles, it's so important to ensure you have photos backed up and ready to go. It is always the way that when I am really in the mood to write and publish a post, that the weather is poor or I don't have the time to take the photographs to go with it. 

Schedule some social media for example prepare what you will post on Instagram that week or schedule some tweets that promote your posts. I always take my favourite photo from a blog post and feature it on my Instagram feed, I then usually post it onto my Instagram Stories too, just to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. I like to schedule tweets sharing my latest posts, I always post a tweet about it as the post goes live and I usually then post about it again the next morning and evening, from there it is usually random. Just remember not to over-do it and a little promotion is better than too much.

Microsoft OneNote is an incredibly useful and fun piece of software that I use quite often in relation to my blog, it is a programme I was introduced to in work and is something I use on a daily basis at work so I decided to incorporate it into my daily life and my blog. OneNote can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device etc. so it is easy to keep everything in one place, everything automatically syncs to your account so if you type something on your desktop you will then instantly be able to see it on your mobile device. You can use OneNote to draft post ideas, design yourself a schedule, and on a touch screen device you can even draw diagrams or ideas. It's genius, handy and incredibly reliable. 

How do you keep yourself organised in daily life and with your blog?

Alice May Snell