22 April 2017

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Being a beauty blogger and also reading a lot of beauty blogs does come with the consequence of spending most of your wages on beauty products, not a bad thing but it definitely gets a little addictive. I will admit that probably half or maybe more of the products in my collection are things I have purchased purely from the recommendation of another blogger, the people I trust the most. Whether my favourite blogger has written a wonderful review about a fab new product or just taken some really pretty photographs of it, I will want it in my life. When looking through my collection it was easy to notice which products were purchased just by encouragement from bloggers, today I will be sharing a few of those products with you.
Let's start off with the oh so very loved Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette which was the third naked palette in the collection, since I already had the first two it was pretty self-explanatory that I'd want the third but I didn't, not until I saw it on my favourite blogs. The Naked 3 palette just didn't appeal to me at first, the shades weren't for me and I also thought I could use my money in a better way. I then kept seeing the gorgeous rose gold packaging on every blogger Instagram and latest post and I just had to get it, looking back now I am so glad I did and I do wish I'd purchased it earlier as it is a lovely palette, definitely worth the money and one that will be long loved in my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade was a product that received so much hype and love that I just had to pick it up to see what the fuss was about, totally acceptable. My Mum bought this for me for my birthday one year and I still have the same pot on the go now, just shows how good the value for money is on this one. Dip Brow is an intense brow product that will allow you to create the most beautiful, structured brows and you won't want to take it off at the end of the day! Super easy to use and comes in a wide range of different shades. ABH is a wonderful brand that receives a lot of love from the blogger atmosphere and I can see why. I love their products and will continue to highly recommend to the next blogger and so on.

When it comes to foundation I've always been a Bare Minerals girl and would never try anything else, until I heard about NARS Sheer Glow FoundationSheer Glow had been on my radar for weeks, maybe even months before I picked it up, it received a lot of blogger coverage and when I saw how flawless it made my favourite bloggers skin I just had to pop in store and pick it up. Of course, I was sensible and went for a sample at first to give it a go and I fell in love, immediately returning to purchase the full size. This foundation makes my skin feel smooth, silky and flawless, everything a girl wants from a product and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or cling to the dry areas! The only downside to this product is that it comes without a pump but it's really not the end of the world, it's the product inside that counts. 

I've always been a Sleek makeup fan and when they released their quad highlighter palettes they instantly appeared in the blogging world, in the most gorgeous gold packaging that was every blogger's dream, my favourite is the Solstice palette. It is such a beautiful selection of shades which on first glance look slightly daunting and a lot different to any shades I've tried before, I remember seeing the purple shade and wondering how that would work out, trust me it's stunning. Sleek makeup is really good quality and its pretty affordable, in this palette you get four completely different shades, one cream formula and three powder, for just £9.99. This palette really is every bloggers dream and I highly recommend and hope that from this lost post alone, another blogger will add it to their collection.

MAC Velvet Teddy is my final product for today's post, I don't think I've ever met a blogger who hasn't tried this or a friend in real life for that matter. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, Velvet Teddy was so popular it sold out in pretty much every MAC store I tried to get it from, eventually, they upped their stock game and I managed to get my hands on one. I'm really into the matte lip look at the moment so Velvet Teddy seemed perfect for me and it really is stunning and has become a staple shade in my routine. 

Are there any products you have purchased purely through blogger recommendations?

Alice May Snell