29 April 2017

New In My Collection

Something I haven't done in quite a while is treat myself to some new beauty products, I certainly don't need any more makeup or skincare but when Superdrug offer 3 for 2 across all of their makeup, it's a little hard to resist, especially when there are things you've wanted to try for a while. When it comes to drugstore makeup I am usually a Boots girl as I love the advantage card points and the vouchers they send in the post, however, Superdrug sell brands such as Makeup Revolution and MUA which I'm a big fan of, so I decided to place an order with them this time.

22 April 2017

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Being a beauty blogger and also reading a lot of beauty blogs does come with the consequence of spending most of your wages on beauty products, not a bad thing but it definitely gets a little addictive. I will admit that probably half or maybe more of the products in my collection are things I have purchased purely from the recommendation of another blogger, the people I trust the most. Whether my favourite blogger has written a wonderful review about a fab new product or just taken some really pretty photographs of it, I will want it in my life. When looking through my collection it was easy to notice which products were purchased just by encouragement from bloggers, today I will be sharing a few of those products with you.

14 April 2017

Pixi Multi Misting

Caring for my skin is at the top of my priorities list, ensuring I do simple tasks like remove my makeup every night and exfoliate at least once a week. Skincare is really important and there has been a complete revolution in the products available on the market in the recent years. You've probably heard or even used facial mists before but there is a new line-up on the market from Pixi, the Multi Misting collection which consists of four products each with their own properties. 
You can pick and choose which mists you'd like to use or combine them to give your skin a real treat. Use your favourite mist morning and/or evening by shaking first then spray across the face and neck, keeping the eyes and mouth closed.  

12 April 2017

Organising My Blog

I have to be organised. My full-time job is all about organisation, ensuring everything runs smoothly and I also incorporate this into my hobby, that being my blog. When I am organised and in control I feel calm and as though I can achieve anything, its good to be in control, to feel on top of everything and never to feel too overwhelmed. Organisation is the key to being successful and fully achieving your goals, I love to be organised and I'm here to help you become more organised too or at least try!  Plan your ideas in advance and have ideas in the back of your mind, always. It is important to have a list or just an idea of what you want to write about, what posts you want to create, that way you can focus on making those ideas turn into a reality. Planning your content can be so easy once you know how and if you have handy resources such as the Dot Creates Blog Planner Notepad which allows you to write down all of the info you need for your upcoming posts and even write a short, draft version. A planner like this is a great way to ensure you never forget those ideas you have and is a way to plan your posts, schedule and organise when you will post what.

10 April 2017

Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brushes

Beautifully presented, uniquely designed and a luxury to all, the Bold Metals collection from Real Techniques is one that I have seen on many wish lists, including my own. Real Techniques are extremely well known for their fantastic range of makeup brushes, their original line flew off the shelves and completely changed the way we applied our makeup. The Bold Metals line is the newest and most exciting set of brushes to be released by Sam and Nic, a more luxurious and desirable range that I guarantee you will want to try. 

This range of brushes feature high shine, weighted handles in beautiful shades of silver, gold and rose gold, made with synthetic bristles which unique shapes and sizes for everyone's needs. The bristles are soft and feel like a luxury to use, they are extremely high quality and they work like a dream. You can use any shade of product on these bristles and there is no staining, they wash out very easily and there is no loss of bristles. The design of these brushes is just beautiful, they are a little pricier than the original collection but you can pick them up from Fragrance Direct at a great discount price from the original. 

03 April 2017

Things I Love About Spring

I just can't get enough of Spring at the moment, it has felt like such a long time coming and after a very wet and cold Winter here in England, I think I'm not the only one who is pretty glad to see some sunshine. I always find myself looking forward to this season every year, I feel a lot happier around this time and I find other people seem to be happier and cheerier too! There are so many wonderful things to love about Spring and today I am going to be sharing a few of my favourites.

01 April 2017

Cohorted Beauty Box

The Cohorted Beauty Box* has always been one I've had my eye on, it offers a great selection of full-size products whilst being sold at a pretty affordable price of just £35.00 which includes delivery. I was very much looking forward to the March edition of the beauty box arriving as I know that in previous months, the box has always contained some really good high-end products that have gone on to become some of my favourites. The Cohorted Beauty Box works as a subscription service where you pay £35.00 each month to receive a box full of surprise products for you to try, it's a great way to be introduced to new brands and try products you might not have picked up from the store originally. 

So let's talk about the contents of the March edition, as you can see the box contains a fantastic selection of well-known brands including Urban Decay and Pur Minerals. Let's take a closer look at the products I received this month. 

Alice May Snell