15 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We're in March already, nearly mid-way through the month and Mother's Day here in England is fast approaching on Sunday 26th March. I really like celebrating this day with my Mum and treating her to anything I think she might like, her favourite indulgences and ensuring she has a well deserved rest! Our Mums do so many amazing things for us so its really nice to spoil them rotten for a day and ensure they know how much we appreciate them.

With Mother's Day just around the corner I have compiled a few things that I think make lovely gifts for the occasion, things that I know would put a big smile on my Mums face, and I hope this will give you some inspiration if you're feeling a little stumped for gift ideas this year.

Makeup is one of my favourite things and luckily its also one of my Mums, she is a little bit of a hoarder like me and loves to try new products. Mother's Day is a great opportunity for you to treat them to a new product, something more desirable and luxury to try, a product that they will hopefully fall in love with and it will be a product that reminds them of you. NARS is an amazing brand and one I always lust over in House of Fraser so for my Mum I would definitely pick a few pieces from here for her to try. The Multiple Stick* in Copacabana is gorgeous and a highlighter that I think we've all lusted over at some point, it's a beautiful shade that compliments so many skin tones and is a real staple product for your Mums makeup bag. Contouring can be scary at first but its easy to get into it by using a product such as the Contour Blush* palette, a two in one product available in three shades, perfect for first tries or your everyday routine. Finally, a new lipstick is always a way to a woman's heart, NARS have the wonderful Pure Matte Lipsticks* which are to die for especially the shade Tonkin, yep you guessed it, the perfect nude!

Another staple gift idea for Mother's Day has to be a new perfume, there are so many to choose from now that it makes it really difficult to decide. I popped on over to Fragrance Direct where there are hundreds of scents to choose from and a lot of good deals too, especially for this time of year. A particular scent that caught my eye is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush*, okay the packaging drew me in quite a lot as its pink, flowery and cute, but it also smells really nice. Perfume makes a great gift all year round but its nice to know that you've picked a particular scent especially for your Mum.

I'm not a big experience type of person and neither is my Mum but vouchers or a booking for a spa day or experience you know is up your Mums street is also a really lovely idea for Mother's Day. You can do all sorts from baking classes to flower arranging, Groupon is a great site to find a fab deal!

Then we move on to the basic bits of Mother's Day, you know, flowers, chocolates, wine etc., my Mum loves a good Pinot wine and although I do find flowers can be pretty expensive considering they barely last a couple of weeks, I just love to treat the special people in my life and my Mum is totally worth it. I particularly like buying flowers from Sainsbury's as they come wrapped in pretty brown paper and patterned cellophane, but you can also get some pretty good deals on online shops such as Bunches - and they come with free chocolates! My favourite chocolates are the Lindt, Lindor truffles and I know my Mum loves these too, this means we can share them once she's opened them!

What will you be treating your Mum to this Mother's Day?
Alice May Snell