28 February 2017

A Little Change

First of all HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! Yippee, I have successfully demolished about 6 pancakes this evening and it was totally worth it, yum, what is your favourite pancake topping? I hope you've all had a fab day, read on to see the eggless pancakes I made today! 

Today's post isn't about makeup or skincare or what I'd normally write about, its actually about me, my blog and my YouTube channel. If you watch my vlogs or follow my social media you'll know that I recently took a break from everything, it was around November time when I stopped weekly vlogging, stopped writing on my blog and turned all of my social media off. I did this because I was unhappy and felt like I was creating content that wasn't really me and it felt forced, I didn't feel like picking the camera up most days and when I went to write on my blog I would just stare at the blank page for hours. I didn't want to continue to do something that was probably making me feel worse and was also very negative for my viewers and readers to see. 


26 February 2017

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Let's just say that I am a little bit of a lipstick lover and hoarder, no girl needs the amount of lipsticks I have in my collection but that certainly won't stop me buying more! Let me introduce you to the latest lipstick line from Rimmel London, The Only 1 Matte collection*. A collection of 9 beautiful shades ranging from nude to deep purple all in a creamy, soft, matte formula. Each shade is lovely and there is really something for everyone whether you're looking for a new everyday nude or a new deep burgundy for the winter months.

Alice May Snell