27 October 2017

New John Lewis &Beauty Nail & Brow Bar, Oxford

This week is a very exciting one for all of us in Oxford, it has been a long time coming and finally, after two years of building work and waiting, our new Westgate shopping centre is complete and open to the public. The new centre has become home to a mighty John Lewis store, which is a first for us in Oxford and as you can imagine, myself and a lot of others are very excited about having such a fantastic store on home soil. You can take a virtual tour around the new store by watching this short video John Lewis have created.

24 October 2017

Perfecting My Base With Charlotte Tilbury

A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox from Charlotte Tilbury, asking me if I'd like to try some of their products. The fact that a brand as big as this one wanted to work with me made me squeal with excitement. I've never tried a Charlotte Tilbury product so I was very excited about the chance to finally try the brand for myself. The package I received contained three of their famous foundations that I have heard many good things about from friends and other bloggers. When it comes to my makeup base, I have always been a very loyal Bare Minerals fan and I didn't ever think I would sway towards using anything other than that, however, I have definitely found some new favourites that I have added to my collection. 
I've always been a full coverage girl so I wasn't really sure what to expect when trying Healthy Glow for the first time. Healthy Glow is a universal shade tinted moisturiser designed to give you a radiant, fresh, glowing complexion. The shade is ever so slightly too dark for me but it does work and I imagine it would work with a wide variety of different skin tones. I have found this product to be one of the easiest I've ever tried, a little goes a very long way so it only takes a small pea sized amount to even out my complexion and keep my skin feeling hydrated. I'm super impressed by this product and I feel really confident when wearing it, which is a first for me as I am usually used to wearing full coverage makeup.

The next product I have been trying is the Light Wonder Foundation. This is a lightweight product that includes ingredients to hydrate, smooth, illuminate, minimise pores and reduce wrinkles. Available in a wide selection of shades this foundation gives you a lightweight coverage perfect for daily wear, I find myself only adding a small amount of concealer under the eyes and I am good to go. What I really enjoy about this product is how light it really feels whilst on the skin, I completely forget I am wearing any makeup and yet any of my insecurities are still well covered.  The shade is perfect for my complexion and I really admire how Charlotte Tilbury has such a wide selection of shades available to suit everyones needs.

Finally, my current favourite base product and one I will 100% be repurchasing is the Magic Foundation. A full coverage foundation with SPF is exactly what I'm used to so this product is perfect for me. Available in a wide range of 15 shades ranging from pale to dark, there is such a great selection to choose from. I apply this with my beauty blender which helps me to achieve a flawless finish, although the coverage is full, the product does not feel heavy on the skin at all and I adore how my skin looks and feels once I've finished the application. I suffer from very dry skin so to find a full coverage foundation that does not cling to dry areas or crumble whilst being worn, is a big win for me.

What is your favourite base product?

11 October 2017

Blogger Stationery Essentials

Are you really a blogger if you don't have a drawer full of beautiful stationery that you will most likely never actually use? I buy a lot of stationery from all sorts of different brands and when I spot a design I like, I find it very difficult to resist buying everything. I'm a pretty organised person and in terms of blogging, and my life in general, I like to use particular stationery pieces to keep me on track.

Stationery is an absolute essential for me when it comes to blogging, I just can't complete my tasks without having something to scribble in or plan my posts. There are so many amazing stationery retailers out there now, some of which are just local supermarkets, that make it super easy and affordable to have nice, pretty things to use. I recently discovered a website called Rooi that sell a whole range of things from candles, stationery, bedroom accessories and more. I was immediately drawn in by all of the beautiful pieces available from this site and knew they would fit in with me perfectly. 
I have been using the I Am Very Busy Large Luxury Notebook to write all of my draft posts in style over the past few weeks. I don't think I have ever owned or used such a large notebook, it really is the most perfect size for any blogger. This notebook is a hardback and contains small pouches inside to keep important items safe, there are pages and pages of space to write posts, make plans and even just doodle. I take my notebook everywhere with me and I'd be so lost without it now, I can't wait to treat myself to a new design in this style, when this one runs out of pages! 

To go alongside my new notebook I treated myself to the prettiest set of pencils ever. The Compliment Pencil Set is packed full of ten wooden pencils, each with a different colour and motivational message written on the side. You can't ask for much more whilst working, my favourite has to be the holographic effect and I just love all of the different messages on each pencil, it's the perfect pick me up during a rubbish day. 
I'm a bit of a sucker for post-it notes as I find them super handy and a great way to organise things. I use them on a daily basis to remind myself of tasks I need to complete as well as using them to note down new ideas. I couldn't resist adding the I Am Very Busy Sticky Note Set to my collection, I love the variation of sizes and the different designs are super cute. Using fun and colourful stationery always gives me so much more motivation and encouragement to finish things. 

What are your stationery essentials? What essential items do you swear by for your blogging routine?

19 September 2017

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Matte lips has to be my favourite makeup trend ever. It's one that I've loved right from the start and I know I will still be rocking in years to come, mostly because glossy lips seriously aren't for me. Bourjois have delivered a stunning new collection of 12 matte lip shades in light to dark and I have to say, they are pretty impressive. I was sent this amazing range in my first ever Influenster VoxBox and I'll be sharing the ins and outs of them with you today. If you're a beauty blogger and you want to be in with a chance of trying new product releases, I really recommend singing up to the Influenster programme, there are loads of amazing brands to work with and its free to join!

The Bourjois Rouge Velvet Matte Lipsticks are a range of 12 highly pigmented lipsticks with a matte finish. Each shade claims to last 24 hours of wear time and you can guarantee each shade will give you the bold look you're after. Sadly, I haven't ever invested a lot of time into Bourjois products so I have to say that, when it comes to first impressions, the packaging of these is really lovely, each shade is encased in a uniquely colour identified plastic bullet making it easy to find the colour of choice from your collection. There is certainly a shade for everyone, ranging from light to dark and nude to red, I feel very lucky to own and be able to try out every shade! My two favourites so far have to be 01 Hey Nude and 05 Brique-A-Brac. Each shade is versatile and although I find nude shades suit me a lot better than red and purple, I have found every single one of these shades works really nicely against my complexion.
These lipsticks come with a super smooth tear drop shape applicator making application easy and precise. Every single shade is extremely creamy and soft, gliding onto the lips with complete ease. Matte lipsticks can be very known to dry the lips out and be uncomfortable to wear, thankfully these are the opposite. My lips feel nourished, hydrated and super comfortable when wearing any of these shades, especially when I'm having a really long day. I really like that throughout the day the shade will slowly wear away but will leave behind a subtle hint of colour, so if you're not able to re-apply the product throughout the day, it's really not an issue. I know for a fact that when wearing these, I can apply my desired shade at 07:00 and a hint of colour will still be there when I finish the day at 17:00.

If you're after the matte lip look and you're on a budget I'd definitely recommend checking these out at just £8.99 a shade. I really hope the brand release more shades, especially lighter pinks and nudes, in the future.

Whats your favourite Bourjois product?


10 September 2017

Fragrance Direct Haul

We all know that buying beauty products is one of my favourite things to do, I sometimes wish I had an endless pot of money to spend on all things beauty related! I love to find ways to save money on my beauty purchases especially when it comes to high end products, I actually find most of my collection is made up of high street products as I find it too hard to part with lots of money!

One of my favourite ways to save money is to use discounted makeup websites and voucher codes, there are so many of these around on the internet now, it makes it so easy to save a few pennies here and there. A website I run to frequently for my beauty essentials is Fragrance Direct, this is a discounted beauty website that stocks all sorts from makeup and skincare to tanning and fragrance, all at a slightly cheaper price than you'd find in stores. I've recently been browsing the Fragrance Direct website and picked up quite a few bargains I thought I'd share with you.
I had to pick up this bronzer purely because I was super excited to see this brand on the website, I've never tried any of their products before and since seeing Zoella use a Guerlain bronzer in one of her past videos, I've wanted to try it ever since! I really like the variation of shades inside the bronzer, the range from light to dark tones really works well with my complexion.

NYX High Voltage Lipstick 'Flutter Kiss'
New lipsticks excite me a lot. I don't think I've ever tried a lip product by NYX so when I saw a few variations on the website, I thought I'd give one a go. This shade is a really lovely muted pink that has a semi-matte finish. After wearing this shade for over a week it is safe to say its a long-lasting and very comfortable product.

NARS Audacious Lipstick 'Barbara'
Another brand where I haven't tried a lip product is NARS, mostly because I have so many amazing high street lip shades that I don't feel myself needing to buy higher end brands. Nevertheless, it's good to try something new and I have to say this I feel pretty swish wearing NARS on my lips. I really love simple, natural shades so this one is perfect to add to my collection.
Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush
I already have a selection of this brush collection but it was really lacking this brush in particular. The  blush brush is quite possibly my favourite of the bold metals collection as it is so versatile and I have found myself using it for blush, highlight and bronzer.

Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
When I spotted that Fragrance Direct also sold a lot of Maybelline products I thought I'd pick up my favourite mascara, ready for when my current tube runs out. This mascara is amazing and is one of very few that keeps my lashes curled and separated all day long. Usually I'd be forking out £7.99 for one of these mascaras, on Fragrance Direct I only had to part with £3.99!

Revlon Highlighting Palette '003 Bronze Glow'
I have to admit that Revlon is a brand I don't own a lot of for some reason, I'm not really sure why but I usually find myself skipping past the stand in my local high street stores. I really like the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick style palettes and I thought this in particular looked like a great dupe, the shades are lovely and warming and the product becomes a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one!
Vera Wang Flower Princess Limited Edition EDT Spray 100ml
I have tried a couple of different variations of the princess scent in the past so when I spotted this new limited edition, I was very keen to try it. The bottle itself is really pretty and the scent itself is very sweet and girly. I picked up this 100ml bottle for just £18.95, a total bargain when it would set you back a lot more than that in any regular high street stores, especially for this size.

As well as the Fragrance Direct website already offering great discount prices, you can also get 10% off across the website for all students, using UniDays. All you need to do for access to this offer is to sign up to UniDays here with your student email address and you're good to go! I'm a huge advocate for 'every little helps' so if you can save even just a few pounds on your purchases, it all adds up and really does make a difference.

Have you purchased from Fragrance Direct before?


08 August 2017

The Stay All Day Products

Long-lasting makeup is a key factor that I look for when buying my products, my makeup usually goes on at 06:00 and comes off at 22:00, thats a pretty long time especially as I like it to stay as fresh and flawless as possible. Over time I have discovered a variety of products that are super long-lasting on my skin meaning I can worry less about re-application throughout the day.


04 August 2017

Tips To Organise Your Makeup Collection

My makeup collection has grown quite a lot over the past year or so, I am always keen to try new products that land on the shelves in the high street stores and I am also very lucky to receive products from brands to try out. I store my makeup in the classic IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit, it's a fab piece of furniture to have and it fits perfectly inside my wardrobe allowing me to have extra space in my bedroom. When I first built and filled my Alex unit I organised it perfectly and had a special section for all types of different products, it worked really well but I found it hard to keep it tidy. Over the past few weeks my makeup collection has turned into a bit of a nightmare, there are products in the wrong drawers and I just needed a new way to arrange my things.


01 August 2017

Favourite Things In July

There we have it, another month of the year has been and gone and thankfully it was another good one. July was filled with lots of fun times, exciting new beauty releases and I treated myself to a sparkly new MacBook Pro which I am loving. July went super fast and I'm pretty glad of this as I am very excited for August, the month my first little nephew is due to be born! I am overjoyed about becoming an Auntie and I can't wait for the happiness the upcoming months will bring. I love reading monthly favourites posts and as I have some golden products this month, I thought I would share them.

30 July 2017

Perfecting My Brows With Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit have really upped their game in terms of brow products recently, I am a big lover of styling my brows so for them to release new products to try, is a bonus. Since I last purchased from the brand, they have re-launched the brow range with new glamorous packaging and a few new products to the line. When it comes to buying makeup, I am always drawn in by nice packaging so, for me, I knew I had to try a few bits from the range. If you are on the hunt for the perfect brow product or you just fancy trying something new, I am sure one of these products will suit you.

29 July 2017

A Happy Time of The Month With Pink Parcel

Every so often a new subscription box comes along and really impresses me, this month it's the Pink Parcel. If you have read my blog before you'll know that I really enjoy monthly subscription boxes as they are a great and affordable way to try new brands and products. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that includes a selection of tampons, pads or a selection of both, as well as a little section of special treats for you. I've never tried any sort of service of this style before and so far I am very impressed, it's a nice thought that there is something arriving each month to make that time of the month a little less painful.

27 July 2017

Summer Scents With So...? Body Mists

I remember using body mists as a teenager, it would be the cool thing to have in your handbag and everyone would want to try your new scent, especially in the changing rooms after a PE lesson! Since leaving school and moving into my twenties, I haven't really reached for body mists ever since, I always saw them as a younger product and opted for perfume instead. I recently came across the brand So...? which is one I always used back in the day. I noticed they had released new summer scents in their body mist range which I couldn't resist trying out. 

09 July 2017

Rimmel Insta Collection First Impressions

When it comes to high street makeup brands, Rimmel are one of the best when it comes to new product releases and ranges, their new Insta collection is definitely not a disappointment. Since the release of the Fix & Go setting spray they have launched even more products into the range including contour sticks, colour correcting palettes and more. I've been trying these new products for the past week now and wanted to give you a little first insight into my first thoughts so if you'd like to fid out more, keep reading!


02 July 2017

July Goals

Wow, where on earth did June disappear to? I've had a pretty lovely month full of nice days out, some beautiful english weather and exciting projects. I still can't believe we're six months into the year. July is always a really nice month for me as its always a busy time at work so the days go super fast and I love the long, light evenings we have here in the UK, it means I can fit in lots of evening walks and generally feel happier. I set myself resolutions at the start of the year that went out of the window within a couple of days, I am determined to make this month the start of something new and to start having a happier, enjoyable life. I'm going to start setting myself monthly goals, hopefully this will give me something to reflect upon and a way to keep track on how I'm doing, so here are my goals for July.


27 June 2017

Rimmel London Super Gel Nails

Being a blogger certainly has it's little perks, one of these being that I somehow landed myself on Rimmel London's PR list, which is crazy and I am so forever thankful for. Every so often I receive a super pretty metallic jiffy bag through my letterbox with a new release of theirs, the latest being the new Super Gel* nail polish shades. 

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't wear nail polish and since I am a qualified beauty therapist trained in Gelish, I usually opt for gel polish over the standard polish you'd pick up on the high street. Although Gelish is lovely and it lasts a good two weeks, it takes longer to apply, it's not a lot of fun to remove and it's quite expensive to buy with a new colour costing around £20. When these new Super Gel shades landed on my doorstep I jumped right in to trying them, I removed my gel polish and decided to try each and every shade, its been a while since I've had such funky looking nails!


23 June 2017

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi

Rose gold is so on trend right now and it's become one of my favourites, I am obsessed with anything that is rose gold and I am forever dreaming of a future home filled with white furniture and rose gold details. I've always been a silver over gold kinda' gal but when I discovered rose gold I just fell in love, the same way in which I fell in love with the brand new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi watch in the rose gold option. I've always thought their watches were so beautiful and have dreamt of owning one so I couldn't believe it when they got in touch wanting to collaborate with me! Todays post is a little different from my usual content but I am feeling super excited that I am featuring a little bit of fashion on my blog!

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand who offer several different stunning watches for men and women, all of which are very reasonably priced and will arrive beautifully packaged straight to your door. This new particular watch is perfect for me as its girly, made with rose gold and its dainty.

19 June 2017

Essential Blog Props

Recently I've been trying to up my photography quality and I've become slightly obsessed with blog props, if you're a blogger and you love taking photographs you'll probably be well aware of the hype around blog props lately and how many people are using them to really enhance photographs. For me I now find myself using several different props in my photographs as I feel it really adds that little something extra to them and I feel they look a lot more professional. 

Blog props are becoming more and more popular and there are so many different things out there now that you can buy that are really beautiful for photographs however having a collection of props certainly doesn't happen overnight and if you see something you like, you have to grab it there and then or you'll miss out! It's only the past few months that I've really gone wild with buying new bits and bobs and I've managed to accumulate quite a few different pieces that work really well for my blog, without breaking the bank. I'll be sharing with you my favourite items I have discovered to use as blog props and where you can get them.


14 June 2017

Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit

Beauty subscription boxes are something I never really saw myself trying, I'm a bit skeptical about spending my money on a box of products that may not really interest me however I've become a lot better at trying and experiencing new products lately, all thanks to the wonderful subscription services I've tried. I will admit that some boxes can be a little off-putting, especially if they just contain a load of samples, but some are really worth the money and contain full-size products to try.

I recently picked up the Latest In Beauty Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit which I thought was totally new for this year but after a little research it seems it was also available last year. The beauty box contains £94 worth of holiday essential beauty products that you can grab for just £20, with a small  delivery charge of £3.95 unless you can find a discount code. Although I'm not a big holiday go-er it is nice for me to have some summer suited products in my collection and you never know, we may have a super hot summer here in the UK some day! I am super impressed with the contents of this box as you receive so many products, so let's take a look at the contents of this years Holiday Edit.


08 June 2017

Janina Ultra White Teeth Whitening

Having a clean bright smile is quite a thing for me, I got into teeth whitening a couple of years ago and since then I've trialled quite a few different products and brands that offer whitening products. It's National Smile Month from 15th May to 15th June and the lovely brand Janina challenged me to try some of their whitening products to achieve a brighter smile. Janina products are made from fruit enzymes so they are claimed to offer a less harmful whitening experience than many other products on the market, this intrigued me as I am very keen to use products that aren't harmful to my teeth.


04 June 2017

YSL Brow Couture Wardrobe

Since I really got into makeup a few years ago, brows have always been a big thing for me, I’ve always really enjoyed experimenting with new brow styles and especially finding new brow products that work for me. Eyebrows frame your face and now that I’ve gotten into a routine of styling mine on a mostly daily basis, it can feel strange to not follow this routine. I remember the days when I was at school and I didn’t even own an eyebrow pencil, there was also a real lack of good quality products on the market yet now, it is so hard to choose what product to try next. I like my brows to look neat, tidy and natural whilst also matching my hair colour nicely, I can’t stand an eyebrow product that is too dark or warm toned. A few weeks ago these lovely products from Yves Saint Laurent landed on my doorstep and I have been absolutely loving using them, they have completely transformed my eyebrow routine and I’m here to tell you more about each product in the Brow Couture* range

31 May 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s coming up to the time of year where we get to treat our Dads to something special. I really like occasions like this because it’s a lovely way to show your relations how special they really are and how grateful they are for everything they do. Father’s Day here in England is on Sunday 18th June and I am currently thinking of gift ideas for my Dad as I do find this a little harder than Mother’s Day, probably because I am quite girly and have no idea what men really like! I’ve come up with a little selection of ideas of things you could treat your Dad to this June and always remember it doesn’t matter what you spend on someone as it’s the thought that really counts.


18 May 2017

Things Being 22 Taught Me

Today is my birthday and I am turning another year older, this year I am hitting the big 23. The years go so quickly that it feels like just yesterday I was completing my GCSE’s and learning to drive, oh no wait, that was a whole 7 years ago, WHAT! I do find growing up scary and I do sometimes wish I could turn back and re-live my younger years but then I realise that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I did that and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post. 

A year of being 22 taught me a lot of new things, new ways to go about life and how not to really care about what anyone else thinks, at least I think. I don’t feel like this year has been significant in any way, although I was a bridesmaid for the first time in my life and did discover that I will soon become an Auntie for the first time too, which is super exciting. Although I am still living at home and I am totally single, I do feel more adult-like and I am growing up, slowly, so here are 22 things I have learnt in my year of being 22, I’m so gutted I can’t sing Taylor Swift anymore. 

16 May 2017

Blush Perfect for Spring

Now that we are officially into the months of Spring, I decided it was time to delve into my blush collection and pick out a few of my favourites for this time of year. I must admit that I'm not the biggest blush wearer and I usually only wear it during Spring and Summer but I do love how it adds that lovely pop of colour to the skin. When it comes to my makeup routine at this time of year all I want to achieve is glowy, healthy skin with lovely pastel shades and bright lips. I'm definitely a subtle girl when it comes to my blush choices as you will see, I really enjoy the paler nude and pink tones and I also prefer powder formulas to cream as I find these sometimes a little hard to work with.

11 May 2017

New Technic Strobe Kits

If you haven't heard of this brand before then you're in for a treat. Technic Cosmetics are a lovely affordable makeup brand available here in the UK that I have spoken about previously and absolutely love their products. Unfortunately the brand is only available online at the moment as far as I am aware, it'd be great to see them launch into Superdrug one day. Technic have recently launched some new products and they kindly sent me to try out, I was very excited to see these land on my doorstep and I think you are going to love the palettes I am going to be showing you today.

07 May 2017

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Finding products that work for you can be pretty challenging when there are so many variations and different brands available on the market now, and sometimes what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. I'm always discovering and trying new products and brands in the beauty market in an attempt to find the perfect products for me. Lately, I've been shopping my stash a little and I've discovered some products that really do work for me that I wanted to share with you. This isn't necessarily my monthly favourites, more of my favourite things right now kind of post.


01 May 2017

The Bronzer We All Need

Bronzer is such a wonderful thing, it brightens the complexion and makes us look and feel like we've had more sun than we probably have, the best of all is that it is super easy to apply. I've worn bronzer ever since I got into makeup and it's fair to say I've tried a lot of different brands and textures from high end to high street and cream bronzer to powder bronzer, some of which were great and have become my favourites and some which I no longer use or recommend. A few weeks ago I was in Superdrug, no surprise there, and I spotted the new packaging of their own brand tanning range, Solait. I've never used this range before but I spotted they had a powder bronzer and I just had to pick it up, especially as it was less than a fiver.

29 April 2017

New In My Collection

Something I haven't done in quite a while is treat myself to some new beauty products, I certainly don't need any more makeup or skincare but when Superdrug offer 3 for 2 across all of their makeup, it's a little hard to resist, especially when there are things you've wanted to try for a while. When it comes to drugstore makeup I am usually a Boots girl as I love the advantage card points and the vouchers they send in the post, however, Superdrug sell brands such as Makeup Revolution and MUA which I'm a big fan of, so I decided to place an order with them this time.

22 April 2017

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Being a beauty blogger and also reading a lot of beauty blogs does come with the consequence of spending most of your wages on beauty products, not a bad thing but it definitely gets a little addictive. I will admit that probably half or maybe more of the products in my collection are things I have purchased purely from the recommendation of another blogger, the people I trust the most. Whether my favourite blogger has written a wonderful review about a fab new product or just taken some really pretty photographs of it, I will want it in my life. When looking through my collection it was easy to notice which products were purchased just by encouragement from bloggers, today I will be sharing a few of those products with you.

14 April 2017

Pixi Multi Misting

Caring for my skin is at the top of my priorities list, ensuring I do simple tasks like remove my makeup every night and exfoliate at least once a week. Skincare is really important and there has been a complete revolution in the products available on the market in the recent years. You've probably heard or even used facial mists before but there is a new line-up on the market from Pixi, the Multi Misting collection which consists of four products each with their own properties. 
You can pick and choose which mists you'd like to use or combine them to give your skin a real treat. Use your favourite mist morning and/or evening by shaking first then spray across the face and neck, keeping the eyes and mouth closed.  

12 April 2017

Organising My Blog

I have to be organised. My full-time job is all about organisation, ensuring everything runs smoothly and I also incorporate this into my hobby, that being my blog. When I am organised and in control I feel calm and as though I can achieve anything, its good to be in control, to feel on top of everything and never to feel too overwhelmed. Organisation is the key to being successful and fully achieving your goals, I love to be organised and I'm here to help you become more organised too or at least try!  Plan your ideas in advance and have ideas in the back of your mind, always. It is important to have a list or just an idea of what you want to write about, what posts you want to create, that way you can focus on making those ideas turn into a reality. Planning your content can be so easy once you know how and if you have handy resources such as the Dot Creates Blog Planner Notepad which allows you to write down all of the info you need for your upcoming posts and even write a short, draft version. A planner like this is a great way to ensure you never forget those ideas you have and is a way to plan your posts, schedule and organise when you will post what.

10 April 2017

Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brushes

Beautifully presented, uniquely designed and a luxury to all, the Bold Metals collection from Real Techniques is one that I have seen on many wish lists, including my own. Real Techniques are extremely well known for their fantastic range of makeup brushes, their original line flew off the shelves and completely changed the way we applied our makeup. The Bold Metals line is the newest and most exciting set of brushes to be released by Sam and Nic, a more luxurious and desirable range that I guarantee you will want to try. 

This range of brushes feature high shine, weighted handles in beautiful shades of silver, gold and rose gold, made with synthetic bristles which unique shapes and sizes for everyone's needs. The bristles are soft and feel like a luxury to use, they are extremely high quality and they work like a dream. You can use any shade of product on these bristles and there is no staining, they wash out very easily and there is no loss of bristles. The design of these brushes is just beautiful, they are a little pricier than the original collection but you can pick them up from Fragrance Direct at a great discount price from the original. 

03 April 2017

Things I Love About Spring

I just can't get enough of Spring at the moment, it has felt like such a long time coming and after a very wet and cold Winter here in England, I think I'm not the only one who is pretty glad to see some sunshine. I always find myself looking forward to this season every year, I feel a lot happier around this time and I find other people seem to be happier and cheerier too! There are so many wonderful things to love about Spring and today I am going to be sharing a few of my favourites.

01 April 2017

Cohorted Beauty Box

The Cohorted Beauty Box* has always been one I've had my eye on, it offers a great selection of full-size products whilst being sold at a pretty affordable price of just £35.00 which includes delivery. I was very much looking forward to the March edition of the beauty box arriving as I know that in previous months, the box has always contained some really good high-end products that have gone on to become some of my favourites. The Cohorted Beauty Box works as a subscription service where you pay £35.00 each month to receive a box full of surprise products for you to try, it's a great way to be introduced to new brands and try products you might not have picked up from the store originally. 

So let's talk about the contents of the March edition, as you can see the box contains a fantastic selection of well-known brands including Urban Decay and Pur Minerals. Let's take a closer look at the products I received this month. 


26 March 2017

Bronzers for Spring

Spring is officially here, the sun is shining, the rain has stopped and the clocks have turned forward, something I didn't even realise had happened until I stepped onto Twitter this morning. Spring is a lovely time of the year, it seems to make everyone feel happier, more motivated and it just gives me those good vibes. I love adapting my routines when we move into a new season, that includes my haircare, moving to a lighter range of skincare products and of course my staple makeup products. 

Today I will be sharing with you a few of my favourite bronzers for this time of year, I like to change up most parts of my makeup routine and I like to go for products that are going to give my skin that warmth and glow, perfect for the sunshine. I'm not really that great at contouring, I seem to just make a little bit of a mess and I'm also very good at applying too much of a product, so I guarantee these ones I have picked out will be fool-proof and super easy to use. 


20 March 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders

Eyebrows are my thing, they are one of my features I actually like and spend a little too much time on, on a daily basis. When I hear about a new brow product launch I instantly become excited so when these newbies from Rimmel landed on my doorstep, I got stuck right in. 

There are some really good brow products coming into the drugstore recently, each brand is really upping their game and this time it's the new Brow Shake Filling Powders* from Rimmel. As expected these are really affordable at £5.99 and I'm sure they are in some sort of offer in Boots or Superdrug, oh I love a good 3 for 2!


15 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We're in March already, nearly mid-way through the month and Mother's Day here in England is fast approaching on Sunday 26th March. I really like celebrating this day with my Mum and treating her to anything I think she might like, her favourite indulgences and ensuring she has a well deserved rest! Our Mums do so many amazing things for us so its really nice to spoil them rotten for a day and ensure they know how much we appreciate them.

With Mother's Day just around the corner I have compiled a few things that I think make lovely gifts for the occasion, things that I know would put a big smile on my Mums face, and I hope this will give you some inspiration if you're feeling a little stumped for gift ideas this year.


28 February 2017

A Little Change

First of all HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! Yippee, I have successfully demolished about 6 pancakes this evening and it was totally worth it, yum, what is your favourite pancake topping? I hope you've all had a fab day, read on to see the eggless pancakes I made today! 

Today's post isn't about makeup or skincare or what I'd normally write about, its actually about me, my blog and my YouTube channel. If you watch my vlogs or follow my social media you'll know that I recently took a break from everything, it was around November time when I stopped weekly vlogging, stopped writing on my blog and turned all of my social media off. I did this because I was unhappy and felt like I was creating content that wasn't really me and it felt forced, I didn't feel like picking the camera up most days and when I went to write on my blog I would just stare at the blank page for hours. I didn't want to continue to do something that was probably making me feel worse and was also very negative for my viewers and readers to see. 


26 February 2017

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Let's just say that I am a little bit of a lipstick lover and hoarder, no girl needs the amount of lipsticks I have in my collection but that certainly won't stop me buying more! Let me introduce you to the latest lipstick line from Rimmel London, The Only 1 Matte collection*. A collection of 9 beautiful shades ranging from nude to deep purple all in a creamy, soft, matte formula. Each shade is lovely and there is really something for everyone whether you're looking for a new everyday nude or a new deep burgundy for the winter months.

Alice May Snell