29 August 2016

Changing My Lifestyle

I was always the person who hated the gym and vegetables, I would skip PE at school and avoid walking where possible, in summary I was pretty lazy. Over the past year I have completely changed my lifestyle for the better and I feel incredible. I have come to realise that being fit and healthy is so important both physically and mentally and it is now something I am truly passionate about and I wanted to share this with you.

Eating a balanced and nutritional diet is now part of my daily routine and I love it, I enjoy food so much more since eating things that are good for me and give me energy. I look forward to all of my meals and particularly enjoy eating vegetables, I find myself with a plate full every evening and there are so many to choose from, the variety is endless. I found that I lost weight when I cut down on consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, I would previously eat far too much of things like chips, rice, bread, chocolate and crisps which in reality weren't doing my body any good, just making me feel bloated and lethargic. Being healthy and happy is all about balance and I can still treat myself to my favourite things, I mean what girl doesn't love a cheeky piece of Dairy Milk Oreo?!

In terms of exercise, I have never been interested in attending a standard gym so I decided to look into gym classes which is when I discovered Clubbercise, an hour of fun cardio dance workout to the latest chart hits. I absolutely love going to Clubbercise and I now go to two or three classes a week, it's become one of my hobbies and it doesn't even feel like you're going to do a workout. I also go to gym classes such as Piloxing which is a combination of pilates, boxing and dance as well as Boogie Bounce, a cardio workout performed on a mini trampoline.

I also invested in a Fitbit last year and I hands down have to say its one of the best things I have ever purchased. I wear the Fitbit Charge HR which has the heart rate sensor that makes your data more accurate and specific to you. Although it's not the prettiest of arm candy it's worth its waiting gold and it keeps me motivated to be up, about and moving instead of sitting around, it's actually slightly addictive and the challenges you can have against friends and family make it really fun.

Since changing my lifestyle I am such a happier and more confident person, I can wear clothes that I feel good in and I can even run up the stairs without becoming short of breath!

How do you stay fit and healthy?
Alice May Snell