16 July 2016

Things Blogging Has Taught Me

Being a blogger is amazing but can also be pretty hard work, I've been writing on my space on the internet for a good while now and I have certainly realised some pretty awesome and some not so awesome things. It's time to discuss the things blogging has taught me over the past couple of years...

If there is a hype, you'll end up trying it because most of the time the hype is genuine and you probably couldn't live without that product until you tried it. Although it is rather disappointing when you give in to the hype and wish you hadn't! 

You will compare yourself to other bloggers, competition is so high now and there are so many wonderful blogs out there, its impossible for us not to compare ourselves and want to strive to be the best. Just remember that your blog is yours, its unique and its amazing in its own little way. 

It's useful to improve your English skills so your space on the internet looks professional, inviting to brands and I feel it's also just nice to read a blog that is well written and feels fluent. Being a blogger has really helped me to improve my skills just through learning new things each time I write a post. 

Your camera roll will end up full of selfies, well mine certainly has! It's important to grab a few cheeky selfies when you're wearing your new favourite mascara or lipstick, savour the moment and get snapping! 

Blogging can be expensive, it certainly doesn't have to be and you definitely don't need to buy all of the latest products or gadgets to be a blogger but if you're like me and you like to try all of the latest beauty products etc. it can become expensive and you'll spend a lot of time in Boots and Superdrug!

You will invest in blutac for your photographs because when every lipstick you try to photograph rolls onto the floor, it gets very irritating. Invest in a little blutac to hold your products in the perfect composition, this also gives you more time and flexibility to take your photographs. 

You will end up with a crazy amount of beauty products that you definitely don't need but it won't stop you buying that new Rimmel lipstick or Charlotte Tilbury highlighter. Lets face it us girls love new brand releases and I certainly find it hard to resist, it's also such good fun to write about new releases and show everyone exactly whats new out there.

There will always be one negative comment because not everyone is nice and lovely. Unfortunately there are some very nasty and jealous people in the world and from time to time I have received some negative comments or feedback but its important to weigh up all of the lovely comments you receive and forget about any that are negative, as long as you enjoy what you do that's all that matters.

Photographs speak a thousand words, although essentially blogging is about the writing and the content but it is a known fact that if a blog has beautiful, well lit photographs I am 100% more likely to read and hit the follow button. I'm definitely a visual person and for me I feel the photography is just as important as the written content. Also, daylight is your best friend, if its a good day to take photographs make the most of it! 

You will spend 99% of your day on Instagram, yep guilty and not even ashamed of this one, Instagram is my favourite social media right now and I truly spend far too much time on there. Instagram is amazing for sharing your content, finding new bloggers and engaging with people, its also just nice to scroll through hundreds of pretty pictures on your lunch break! If you're not already following me then head on over and say hello

Hard work and consistency pays off and will really help you to grow your space on the internet. Readers will thoroughly enjoy reading your posts if you post frequently and let your followers know when they can expect new content from you. Work hard to achieve those perfect photographs and only post your content when you're truly happy with it, also remember to give yourself a break when you need it. 

You will make the most amazing friends and meet some really lovely, genuine people who are completely on the same level as you. It's so nice to be a part of the blogging community because everyone is so lovely and inviting, people will compliment you and admire your work which makes you feel incredible and uplifted. I've made some amazing friends through blogging, I just wish everyone could live closer together. 

Finally, in reality, blogging isn't easy and I absolutely admire all of you fellow bloggers out there especially those who also work full time and have other commitments. I have learnt that it is a lot  harder than I initially thought but once you find the balance and your comfort zone you will love the experience of blogging and you'll most likely never stop. 

What have you learnt from blogging? 

Alice May Snell