06 July 2016

Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare

Finding a skincare range that works for you can be a challenge especially as products are becoming more expensive and there are so many different things on the market. I have been an avid lover of the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop for months now and I swore I'd never use anything else, until I discovered the Vitamin E range from Superdrug. When I spotted the range in my local Superdrug I was quickly drawn in by the similarity in products to The Body Shop and I also liked the much lower price tag. I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a few things to try in hope that they'd work wonders for my dry, sensitive skin.

The Intense Moisture Cream is rich in Vitamin E, gives 24 hour moisturisation and is also high in antioxidants, although this contains no SPF there is an alternative moisturiser in the range which does provide SPF. The product comes in a large 100ml pot and retails for just £2.99 which is absolutely crazy considering how amazing this cream is, it has already replaced its competitor from The Body Shop. The moisturiser does exactly what it claims, it gives my skin a boost of hydration and really soothes any dry, dehydrated areas leaving me with a beautiful silky soft finish.

I then had to try the Leave On Mask which also comes in a 100ml pot and retails for £2.99. This is a new addition to the Vitamin E range which is a serum like gel with active ingredients such as Wheatgerm and Jojoba Oils. I've really been enjoying applying this mask either just for five minutes or applying a thicker layer before bed and using it as an overnight treatment. My skin feels hydrated and plump after using this just for five minutes and feels even more amazing if I use it overnight.

Lastly I have also been trying the Vitamin E Eye Cream which is a great eye cream to invest in and apply before makeup. The formula is light and non-greasy, it sinks straight into the skin and really soothes the area, smoothing out any fine lines and dry areas. This eye cream is identical to the offering from The Body Shop, the ingredients are very similar and it works in exactly the same way, it even feels the same when applied to the skin.

Also the entire Vitamin E range is regularly on buy one get one half price so you can pick your favourite products at an even better price than usual!

Have you tried Superdrug skincare before?

Alice May Snell