09 July 2016

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

When I spotted two for £10 on Sleek in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago I jumped for joy slightly, this has to be the best offer when it comes to Sleek and I, of course, came away with some goodies. I've had my eye on the highlighting palettes for a little while, they looked beautiful and I am a little bit of a sucker when it comes to highlighters, I definitely have too many!

I opted for the shade Precious Metals which is a palette of champagne, golden tones in a mixture of cream and powder formulas. Firstly can we just appreciate the beautiful packaging, the dark grey mirrored finish is definitely eye catching and has won me over, it looks stunning in my collection. The palette consists of three cream highlighters and one powder highlighter, the cream shades vary in tone from pearly champagne to more golden and the powder shade is more on the bronze spectrum.

In terms of quality and pigmentation, Sleek have outdone themselves with this one, each shade is buttery, soft and provides ultimate pay off once applied to the skin. The shades themselves are Platinum a cool toned almost white cream highlight, Royal Gold a warm toned champagne cream highlight, Renaissance Gold which is another warm toned champagne cream highlight and lastly Antique Bronze a beautiful bronze toned powder highlight, each is completely unique and offers a very unique look.

I think my favourite shade so far has to be Platinum just because it's so beautiful and unique and works really well with my pale complexion. My preference for applying each shade is using my fingertips for the cream shades and a small fan brush for the powder shade. It can be easy to over apply all of these shades so I am extremely careful on application but once the product is on the skin, it lasts absolutely brilliantly and still looks as dewy and pretty right at the end of my day.

Have you tried any of the highlighting palettes from Sleek?

Alice May Snell