13 July 2016

NEW IN: Natural Collection Cosmetics

I really enjoy drugstore makeup and I also really like good quality cosmetics with a budget friendly price therefore the brand Natural Collection, exclusive to Boots, is one of my all time favourites. I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago and spotted the brand were about to announce some new products, very exciting, and when I popped into my local Boots store that afternoon, the products were already on the shelves ready and waiting for me! Of course I had to pick up the majority and tell you all about them. 

Natural Collection have introduced three new products to their line, Highlighting Sticks, Brow Pencils and a Brow Kit. The Highlighting Sticks were what initially caught my eye and there are three lovely shades available in the range including Coral Glow, Copper Glow and Rose Glow. I picked up Copper Glow a lovely bronze shimmery shade and Rose Glow which is a gorgeous subtle pink toned shade. I opted out of trying Coral Glow because it is more of a blush shade and I didn't think the shade would suit me as well as the others. I love how tiny and cute the sticks are, you get just the right amount of product and they are so easy to apply to the skin whether you go directly from the stick or use your fingertips.

Also new from the brand and very exciting are their eyebrow products, they have released a Brow Pencil in two shades, Medium Brown and Dark Brown as well as a universal shade Brow Kit, which is a little annoying as more shade options would've been nice to see. I opted for the Eyebrow Pencil in the darker shade as it seems more ash toned and slightly better suited to my hair colour. On initial trial of the pencil I found the product quite stiff and it took a good few pushes to soften the pencil but now I've done this, it glides onto my skin beautifully and the shade is perfect. I find it really useful when eyebrow pencils have a spooly on the end, the pencil works wonders for achieving a quick sculpted look.

Finally I am a bit of a sucker for brow kits and this little one is absolutely lovely, firstly I love the packaging as it's lovely and simple, sleek and compact. The eyebrow kit is only available in one shade which I found a little strange, therefore this product may only be suited to those with darker eyebrows. Inside the kit you will find a lightweight tinted wax and powder as well as a small brush and spooly, perfect to keep your eyebrows tamed and in shape. Both the wax and the powder are lovely shades and work for me pleasantly well however it would be nice to see the brand incorporate more shade options. Using the Eyebrow Kit definitely takes a little longer to achieve the desired effect but I find the results are more natural and softer, the kit is great for days when I have slightly more time and want to achieve a more natural look when it comes to my eyebrows.

As you can probably tell I am very impressed by the new Natural Collection products, I urge you all to go and spend your pennies on these asap!

Alice May Snell