24 June 2016

Brows with NYX Cosmetics

Since NYX Cosmetics became more readily available in the UK I have been testing out quite a few of their products and absolutely loving the results. Over the past few weeks I have discovered that the brand have some very nice eyebrow products, there is a huge selection of different products to choose from and I have found three that I really quite like.

The Micro Brow Pencil has to be the easiest product out of the three, you can tame and shape your brows quickly within a few minutes whilst still keeping a natural brow effect. I really like the wax like formula of this brow pencil, the product glides onto the skin and really grabs onto each individual hair to give a fuller, flawless look. There is a pretty good shade selection available in the pencil and the shade I opt for is ash brown, this matches my hair colour perfectly. The brow pencil has a spooly on the opposite end to allow you to keep your brows in place and looking natural.

Probably my favourite product is the Eyebrow Cake Powder which I use in the shade brunette, I found it really difficult to select my shade as each one is so similar but brunette definitely works for me. This little palette consists of two powder eyebrow shades, a wax and mini brushes. The wax is really useful and works very well to keep your brows in place all day however I normally just opt for the powder by mixing the two shades together or alternating between the two shades depending on the intensity of look I want to go for. The palette comes in at just £5.50 so its a total bargain and is worth every penny, I absolutely love this and haven't been able to keep my hands off of it this month!

Lastly the Tame & Frame Brow Pomade is a definite dupe for Anastasia Dip Brow, the formula is identical and I think the only difference is that Anastasia offer a lot more shades. I again use this product in the shade brunette which is a slightly cooler toned brown, there is also a warmer toned shade called chocolate if you'd prefer. If you like to achieve a very sculpted brow look then you would love this product, I love the consistency and the pigmentation of the pomade and how it glides onto the skin with little effort, it's also quick and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Eyebrow Cake Powder - Micro Brow Pencil - Tame & Frame Brow Pomade

What have you tried from NYX Cosmetics so far?

Alice May Snell