24 June 2016

Brows with NYX Cosmetics

Since NYX Cosmetics became more readily available in the UK I have been testing out quite a few of their products and absolutely loving the results. Over the past few weeks I have discovered that the brand have some very nice eyebrow products, there is a huge selection of different products to choose from and I have found three that I really quite like.


22 June 2016

Starting a YouTube Channel

I have had my YouTube channel for a pretty long time now, I started both YouTube and blogging back in 2013 and can I just say that I would never go back or change a thing. Over the past few months I feel like I have found such a love for my channel and it seems to be growing into something I am so proud of. Starting a YouTube channel can be very daunting and there are now so many people doing it, there is a lot of competition and challenge to get yourself out there. Throughout my experience so far I have learnt a lot of little things that may help you if you're interested in getting into the world of YouTube.


13 June 2016

Look Incredible Beauty Box

I've not heard of Look Incredible before but when I realised that they offered a monthly beauty box containing five full size products, I was immediately interested. Look Incredible is a website that sells beauty products, fragrances, skincare and more as well as their monthly beauty box. The beauty box costs £18.99 per month but there is an additional £2.50 delivery charge, not a huge cost for delivery but it would be nice to see the delivery cost included. Today I am going to show you the contents of the June edition and tell you my thoughts on the subscription service.


05 June 2016

Blogging With a Full Time Job

Blogging has always been a part-time hobby for me and I have always had a full time job ever since I started my little space on the internet. It is definitely time to admit how much of a challenge it is to actually find time to blog, whilst also holding down a full time job. In an ideal scenario I'd love to have a part-time career and also blog part-time, perhaps the future will allow this but for now I have to make do. I absolutely love blogging and if I could do it every day I really would, I find those bloggers who post daily so inspirational and motivating. Lately I have found it a struggle to fit blogging in and so I have come up with a few simple solutions that may help you if you're like me.

Alice May Snell