30 May 2016

Contouring With Crown Brush

Crown Brush have been a firm favourite brand of mine ever since I discovered them a couple of years ago, their brushes are fantastic quality and such good value for money, it was definitely time I tried some of their makeup products. Contouring is amazing if you can get it right, it's amazing what you can do with the right product and tools.

I've recently been using the Crown Brush 10 Colour Contouring Palette which contains 10 different shades ranging from light to dark to contour and highlight. The shades are mostly matte with just one shimmer, I personally really like this because I definitely run to matte shades more on daily basis than I do shimmer. The lighter tones are brilliant for setting under eye concealer and brightening certain parts of the face, then there is a wide selection of darker tones that you can use to create shadows and depth. Some tones are warm toned and some are cool toned, this adds a nice variation as you can use the palette to both contour and bronze the skin. The quality of every shade is absolutely brilliant, they are all extremely pigmented and blend like a dream. 

To apply the contour palette to my skin I've been enjoying two new brushes from the brand, both of these are aimed at contouring and they really work wonders. The Studio Pro Contour brush is every girls dream, its a flat, dense and narrow brush that fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheekbones, you can create the most perfect chiselled look with this. The Studio Pro brush is slightly more expensive than others on the brands website at £10.74 but its definitely worth the money. Another wonderful brush is the Medium Face Contour Brush which is one of the softest brushes I've ever owned! This one is perfect for anyone new to contouring or if you prefer a more natural look, the shape of the bristles are ideal for a more natural sculpted look, or you could even just use this to bronze the skin if you'd prefer. 

Overall I absolutely love my contouring products from the brand and I'm so impressed by their makeup products, I definitely fancy adding more to my collection now. 

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush?

Alice May Snell