06 March 2016

Getting Your Blogging Mojo Back

I absolutely love blogging, its my own personal space on the internet where I can talk about whatever I like and really let my personality run free. As much as I love my hobby, it can be hard work sometimes and with a full-time job, blog and youtube channel I will admit I struggle to keep up at times, but thats perfectly normal and okay. Recently I've really got out of the swing of things in terms of my blog, I've been really focused on my youtube channel meaning my content has taken a bit of a back seat, I guess you could say I sorta lost my blogging mojo. 

Today I thought I would share with you a few tips that I have found really useful to get that mojo back, to re-inspire myself and get back to it with my blog. 

Revamp your blog
I find that changing my blog design up slightly or even just altering my colour scheme really gives me a boost of energy to write more content and upload more frequently on my blog. I feel that when you look at your blog and you see the same thing every day, it can become repetitive, therefore try to change the style up, make small changes here and there to keep yourself motivated and interested in your blog.

Seek inspiration
When I'm feeling lack-lustre or have no inspiration for my posts I always run to Bloglovin' and read a bunch of my favourite blogs or browse the explore page to find new blogs to follow. I absolutely love reading blogs, I find myself spending hours doing so and this is a great way to gain ideas and inspiration for your future posts. I always find seeing my blogging friends doing well and being successful makes me so happy and proud.  

Grab a new blogging location
I normally write my blog posts on my laptop in my bedroom, but I think its time to change it up. There are tons of places you can pitch up and grab some inspiration, I'm making it a promise to myself that I will get out more and take my posts with me so I'm not always in the same place. Having somewhere new and different to write your content and grab inspiration will help you to stay motivated and if you pop to the local coffee shop you can indulge in a yummy hot chocolate too, win win!

Have a clear out
You may be thinking what do you mean have a clear out? Well I definitely have far too much stuff in my collection especially beauty products so its time to have a de-clutter. Update your collection with new, interesting things and get rid of the things you're no longer using or want. Sometimes we lose inspiration when we are blogging about the same things all the time so make it a point to go and treat yourself to that new product to write a review on or shop your stash to find things you haven't yet spoken about, always remember you don't have to spend a fortune to make your blog unique and interesting. 

Photography style
I feel that photography is my weakness at the moment and it is definitely what has made me lose interest in my blog, I've struggled to take photographs that I like or feel proud of which has made me scrap blog posts and give up. Don't ever give up on yourself, if you take a few photos you're not proud of then just delete them, change your photography style, props or background and have another go. Photography is something I thoroughly enjoy and I absolutely admire so many bloggers for their incredible photography, but once you get the setting right I know I can create beautiful photos too.

I think that just about wraps it up for my tips on getting your blogging mojo back, I'm pretty sure mine is back now but if you're feeling a little under-inspired then I hope this has helped you. 

Alice May Snell