27 December 2015

New Years Ready with Threads Lashes

I'm not usually a very big false lash wearer, I find them quite fiddly and I don't normally have many fancy occasions to attend anyway! However now that we're on the lead up to New Years Eve, I wanted to ensure I had a nice pair of lashes to wear to celebrate the occasion.

I was contacted by a company who asked if I would like to try Threads Lashes, I pretty much jumped at the chance as I knew we were coming to the time of year when I would want to experiment more. I received three beautiful pairs of eyelashes that I want to share with you all, I think they would all be perfect for any occasion especially New Year. 
The three sets of lashes I have are all completely different and unique in their own way, there is a set to suit everyones preferred intensity whether you're looking for a more natural look or a more intense look. The most natural set I have are the Rock Chic Lashes which are quite fine lashes that add a lot of length to your existing set, I really like these as the lashes cross over each other, this makes them appear more natural and gives you a really nice full effect. 
Next we have the Vava Voom Lashes, they are quite similar to the previous set however they are of a more intense black colour and the little lashes themselves are slightly thicker. This set is perfect for adding more volume, they're a great length in my opinion as they don't appear too false when applied. 
Last but very not least are the Sex Kitten Lashes, probably my least favourite out of the three as they are quite an intense set, not normally something I would reach for, however they are still really nice. The lashes are a deep black colour and they branch off to the side to give you a slanted look on the eye, they are really beautiful and create an amazing, intense look when applied. 

What I really like about these lashes and why I would recommend them is because of how easy they are to apply, each set has a very fine but well made lash band which means they sit beautifully across your eyes and they will stay in place all day, they also look super natural because the band is pretty much invisible. I even got on with the lash glue that is provided with these, it wasn't bad at all! 

These eyelashes are available currently exclusively available from the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge store, so if you're local be sure to pop in and take a look. 

18 December 2015

Cohorted December Beauty Box | Review

When it comes to beauty boxes, its not really something I have tried before, mainly because I worry I will get a box full of things I won't like! I have tried the Cohorted Fragrance Box previously which was amazing and the value of what was inside was insane, therefore when the Cohorted December Beauty Box arrived at my door, I was pretty excited. 

The main thing I have noticed and really like about the Cohorted boxes is that they contain a really good range of popular, well known branded products, even some products that I wouldn't necessarily go and buy myself as they're out of my price range. Anyway lets move on to see whats inside this edition of the beauty box...

16 December 2015

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pots

When it comes to Max Factor as a brand, it tends to be one of the ones I have tried a lot less of, for some reason when in Boots or Superdrug I am more inclined to go towards brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline, however recently I've been venturing into more brands to give their products a go. I used to love and swear by a mascara by Max Factor so I already knew the brand did some really good products and one of their foundations has now become a favourite of mine. I picked up a couple of their Wild Shadow Pots a while ago now, they seemed so affordable and I do love having single eyeshadows, especially when the shades were so pretty. 
There are actually ten possible shades in the Wild Shadow Pot range, I picked out the two that caught my eye and ended up with the shades Burnt Bark and Auburn Envy, my ideal kind of shades especially for this time of year. 

Burnt Bark is more of a cool toned shade, it reminds me a little of MAC Satin Taupe in that its a slightly dark, taupe shade with grey tones. I normally find cool toned eyeshadows don't suit me the well but this one seems to work lovely, I actually used it in my most recently tutorial on YouTube. Auburn Envy is the shade I've been wearing nearly every day, its a beautiful warm toned copper shade with lots of sparkle, its so pretty and I have received so many compliments when I have been wearing this. I've found this shade works really nice over the top of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige, the shades match really well and this makes the shadow stay put all day long, although the lasting power of the shadows on their own is fantastic as it is. 
You can use the eyeshadows wet or dry, of course the intensity of each shade improves quite a lot if you use them wet, so its entirely personal choice when it comes to how you decide to apply. Overall I really like the texture of the shadows and find them to work really lovely on the eyes, they are easy to blend and the pigmentation is as you see in the pan, I really do like these and will definitely be picking up more of the shades in the range, I have Savage Rose and Feral Brown on my wish list already! 
The Wild Shadow Pots retail at just £4.99 each and can be found in Boots, Superdrug and some large supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and Tesco. 

06 December 2015

November Favourites

Happy December! We are officially on the countdown to Christmas and its safe to say I am extremely excited, I am thoroughly enjoying the month so far. November flew past, it was a pretty good month and I have some really good favourites to share with you today. Don't forget that you can also watch my November Favourites video over on my YouTube channel
My first favourite is my new makeup bag, I received this gorgeous silk, personalised bag from MiaFleur* a few weeks ago and it has become a staple piece that I seem to now take everywhere with me. I love that this bag is neutral in colour, it matches really well with all of my handbags and looks really chic and elegant. I also love that the bag is made from a soft, flexible material which means I can use it to carry a small amount of things or I can cram it full if I need to. I really think this is such a beautiful piece and it would make a really lovely christmas present, its so unique and personal.

You may have noticed that I very rarely feature liquid foundations on my blog, I've never found one that works for me or looks good so I have always just stuck to my trusty Bare Minerals. I have however found a foundation that I love and its the MaxFactor Miracle Match foundation, I use this in the shade light ivory 40. I find myself running to this on lighter or no makeup days, it really evens out my skin tone and keeps my skin feeling nourished and hydrated which I really love. This is a more expensive foundation from the drugstore at £12.99 but I personally think its 100% worth that little bit extra. 
Now that we're experiencing some seriously cold weather, my dry skin has definitely started to creep back onto the scene and I have needed some extreme hydration for my hands. I discovered the Dove Derma Spa Intensive Hand Treatment which has been working wonders for me so far. I can suffer from very dry, rough skin especially on my hands and so a good hand treatment is a must for me in Winter. I normally stick to a standard emollient but I'm so glad I found this product, even though the consistency is quite thin it sinks straight into the skin and leaves my hands feeling baby soft, you need to try this! 
Next I have been thoroughly enjoying the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Powder Brush, a complete dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection and its a fab one at that. I can't express how amazing and soft this brush is, it feels like silk against my skin and the quality is so incredible for such an affordable makeup brand. The design of the brush is beautiful, with the silky white bristles and the rose gold handle it looks a complete dream in my collection. 
Last but certainly not least are two favourites from Collection, a brand that seem to be getting better and better recently. The Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze has been a staple for me ever since we entered Autumn, the shades are perfect for this time of year. All of the shades in this palette are shimmery/glittery so the palette is a great choice for Christmas time, I have been enjoying just a quick wash of one of the shades all over the lid on a daily basis, its so easy and looks lovely.

Onto the Speedy Highlighter which is one of Collections newer product releases, initially I didn't think I needed this when I first saw it because I already have a million other highlighters but I'm so glad I decided to buy this in the end. The shade is perfect for my paler complexion and the undertones just work perfectly for me, there is a really good balance of shimmer in here too but of course you could build the intensity up to suit your look. I'm currently opting for this over any of my other highlighters, the texture is lovely, it stays in place all day and the price is also a complete winner for me at under a fiver.
What products did you discover in November?
Alice May Snell