05 November 2015

October Favourites

I'm really enjoying writing my monthly favourites posts at the moment, today I am going to share with you all of the wonderful things I have been loving in October, but before we start, where the hell did October go?!

I have done a fair amount of shopping in the past few weeks and also rediscovered some old loves in my collection. It is so satisfying when you find new products you love or remember how much you totally loved a product when you used it previously.

I'm going to start with a skincare favourite which has actually been a favourite for over a month now, I have been using Lavender Oil on my skin to reduce the appearance of scars and redness. I have previously tried Bio Oil and had no luck with this, perhaps I didn't use it for long enough to see some realistic results so let me know in the comments if you have had any luck with Bio Oil. Lavender Oil is 100% natural and can be purchased from Sally's for less than £5. I have been using the oil on scars on my hands/arms/legs for a good few months and I'm so pleased and impressed with the results. I have noticed an incredible reduction in the appearance, tone and the texture of my scars which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

My other skincare favourite for October is a product I loved back at the start of this year, popped it away for Summer and have now fallen completely back in love. The Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil* is a product that just smells incredible and works wonders on my sensitive skin. I find it incredibly difficult to find body scrubs that work for me and this is just one of the many I have tried in the past that works, doesn't leave my skin feeling sore and actually makes my skin feel soft, smooth and silky! I find this product an amazing exfoliator prior to tanning so its always my go to product before I pop any fake tan on, no matter what brand of tan I'm using. I really have a big love for this product and the fact that the gigantic tub only costs £7.79 is also a complete bonus! 

Moving onto my makeup favourites for October, firstly are the incredible Beauty UK Lips Matter Velvet Lip Cremes*, I have three shades but in particular my favourite is called Shake Your Plum, the most beautiful berry shade perfect for this time of year! My favourite thing about these matte lip products is that they aren't at all drying and they stay put all day long, no fading whatsoever. The two other shades I have are Mauve Your Body which is the beautiful salmon toned pink, perfect for every day or for Spring/Summer time. Finally and probably the most gorgeous red I've ever owned, Bond. Mrs Bond is my new favourite option when it comes to getting that glamorous matte red lip!

I have been using the lower lashes end of my Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara as an alternative to my much loved Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, mainly because it ran out and I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. The lower lashes end of this mascara is amazing because the wand is so tiny and fits perfectly onto those little lashes, grabbing each and every one to give you a really lovely effect. You can create beautiful soft natural lashes with this or build the layers up to your desired effect. I've completely fallen in love with this mascara and therefore there is no need for me to repurchase the one by Clinique, just yet!

It wouldn't be Autumn without including a beautiful autumnal eyeshadow, the Single Eyeshadow by Kiko in shade 133 is an absolute must have for anyone looking for that perfect berry eye look. I find the packaging of Kiko eyeshadows to be super lovely, I love the frosted effect on the lid of each and I just find them to be such good quality yet they are still super affordable at £2.80 per shade. Kiko sell some amazing makeup products and their single eyeshadows are one of my absolute favourites, this shade has become one that I keep reaching for every day, for a really quick easy look that suits this time of year and looks really beautiful, considering its just one simple shade!

Last but not least I have two face makeup products that I've been particularly enjoying in October. You can probably tell from the photograph that the Soap & Glory Solar Powder is a very much loved product of mine, this gives you the most beautiful, natural glow and it is the perfect shade for us paler girls. There are two shades in the powder, a more golden tone with a hint of shimmer and a matte ash brown, I tend to swirl my brush into both and pop this all over my skin to give me a beautiful glow, it works and it works wonderfully! Then my complete go to highlighter of the moment is the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in Exhale, a dupe for one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in fact. I love how gentle and pretty this highlighter is, it really does give your skin a boost of light and adds just the right amount of glow, without feeling too over the top or glittery. The shade matches my  complexion perfectly and the texture of this is incredible, so soft, pigmented and creamy! I highly recommend the Radiant Lights as for just £5 per shade you can't really go wrong.

What have you been loving throughout October? Let me know in the comments below.

Alice May Snell