12 October 2015

Things We Should Do More Often

Life can be a busy, stressful and a challenge at times and that's why it's so important to ensure you are living a life you love and that you always do the things you want to do. We have to make the most of life, be happy and truly fulfil our potential, so I'm here with just a few of the things I feel we should all do more often and ensure we make time to do. 

Take a break
Sometimes things can get too much and you can really start to lose touch with something unless you take a well deserved break. I actually had this recently with my blog and channel, I lost all inspiration and motivation to even log on to my computer and look at my pages, let alone create any content. I took a break from everything including my social media and it worked a complete treat. I honestly believe that if you take regular breaks from something, you will continue to love it for a lot longer. It's so important to know that it is okay and its normal to want to step back, whether thats just for a few hours or even for a week, month etc. 

Treat yourself 
I'm a bit of a saver me and I always find myself being very reluctant to buy things, I really like to save my pennies and I hate the thought of wasting money. Recently I have started to realise that life is far too short to worry about money and to not treat yourself to anything. If you really fancy that new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette then have it, or that new pair of shoes you've been lusting over for the past few weeks, you deserve it. Allow yourself to feel proud of the things you can purchase and always treat yourself to the things you truly want and deserve. As they say, you only have one life so live it to the very fullest you can and allow yourself to have those things you desire. 

You may think that your brain can't take on any more information and that now you've finished school you really don't need to learn anything new, when actually, we should be constantly learning new things everyday. Whether its a complete new subject you're interested in or just how to complete a simple task, we are always learning new things so make it something you aim for, tell yourself that you're going to learn something new this week and share your results with friends and family or even your blog. You may even discover a totally new hobby that you love and cherish for life, we can learn so many new things and most of the time we can learn new skills for free too. 

Set yourself goals
Although its great to stick to what you know, keeping in your comfort zone, it's also great to get out there and try new things, whether that be a new type of food, fashion piece or gym class. There are so many different opportunities out there for everyone that we should snap up whenever we can, take risks and try new things, set yourself goals and reach them. Whatever it may be that you want to achieve, set yourself realistic goals and work hard to achieve the end result you desire. 

Be fit and healthy
This is pretty new for me, I have been a pretty lazy person most of my life, until recently this year I hardly did any exercise at all and I ate the complete wrong things the majority of the time. I've started to go to gym classes, be more active and eat more healthy and I feel so much better in myself and I've noticed little changes on the outside too. I invested in a Fitbit Charge HR back in July and its honestly one of the best things I have ever purchased. Allowing me to keep track of my steps, calories burned, exercise, heart rate and more, I can take full control of what I do throughout the day and encourage myself to be more active, move more and generally be fitter and healthier. 

Whats one thing you want to try to do more often? Let me know in the comments below. 

Alice May Snell