19 October 2015

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks // Review & Swatches

Let me introduce you to probably the cheapest line of high quality lipsticks available on the market right now, the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks, at just £1 per shade I don't think you can really beat that when it comes to value for money. I have tried an array of products by the brand now and its safe to say they are definitely one of my favourites, one that I always stop by at when in my local Superdrug and I'm always checking their Twitter feed for new releases! 

Amazing Lipsticks are packaged in a sleek black casing which is very similar in style to the lipsticks by MUA in that they have a swatch of the lipstick shade on the bottom, meaning you can quickly identify the shade you're looking for - genius! You can even unscrew the top cap to reveal more product with could be used with a lip brush if you desire. What I particularly liked about these is that they come sealed in plastic, so you know that the one you take home is brand new and hasn't been swatched by someone in the store (my biggest pet peeve). I think the only downfall I have to mention on the packaging is that the lids can become quite loose after time, so just be wary and careful of that when taking these out in your bag etc. 

Over the months I have managed to obtain quite a collection of the Amazing Lipsticks, I think I have nearly every shade now! I have 10 in total ranging from light to dark and today I am going to share each shade with you. 

Crime - hot pink with purple undertones
Encore - bright lilac with cool undertones
Beloved - beautiful coral shade
Divine - darker more red toned orange
Bliss - true orange
The One - pale nude with rose undertones
Treat - darker nude, very good dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy
Lady - true red with blue undertones
Rebel with Cause - deep burgundy shade perfect for autumn
100% Vamp -  very dark, deep purple

Each shade is incredibly pigmented, soft and buttery, they glide onto the lips with such ease and leave a lovely hydrated finish which is a factor I look for most in my lip products. I can also say that I am pretty impressed by the lasting power of these, they don't necessary keep my lips hydrated all day long but the pigmentation and stain does tend to stick around for a good amount of time. I tend to re-apply my lipstick at midday anyway and I find that these particular lipsticks last way past midday. 

L-R: Crime - Encore - Beloved - Divine - Bliss - The One - Treat - Lady - Rebel with Cause - 100% Vamp

Overall I have to say that I am going to find myself continuing to buy these lipsticks as they are just such good value for money and I absolutely love all of the different shades! Have you tried these yet? Whats your favourite Makeup Revolution product?

Don't forget that you can pick these lippies up from Superdrug stores or the Makeup Revolution website for just £1! 

Alice May Snell