25 October 2015

Contouring Tools

Contouring is a relatively new thing for me and it's only recently that I've actually mastered how to do it properly, I'm definitely not a pro yet but hopefully one day I will master the art of contouring completely! I have found that in my experience and through trial and error, there are two very important factors when contouring:

1. having the right tool 
2. having the right product

I have tried and tested a few different brushes for contouring and I have found five that I think are fantastic and I would highly recommend to anyone whether that be a beginner to contouring or a pro.  

Zoeva 109 Face Paint £11.50 from beautybay.com
Before I got my hands on this, it was one of the most talked about brushes on the internet and after using it myself I can see why. This brush is flat and rectangular shaped which fits the hollow of your cheek perfectly allowing you to add depth and shadow in the right places whilst keeping it natural and realistic. With white natural-synthetic bristles the feeling on your skin is amazing, so natural and lovely. The bristles are also very clean cut and don't seem to shed whilst using or after the brush has been washed. What I love about this brush is the density of it, you can really pack the product on and still blend it out beautifully. The only downfall of this one is the colour of the bristled, I daren't try it with a cream product just yet, would the colour ever come out!?

MAC 109 Small Contour £28.00 from MAC
I actually received this as a birthday gift and it was purchased from a Cosmetic Company Store, therefore it didn't cost the full £28.00. If you really want to invest in a very well made, durable and luxury contour brush this is definitely one to try. I find this brush works wonders on all areas of the face, the small rounded head gives you access to all areas, you can blend product into the temples, hair line and even down the sides of your nose. Over the time that I have been using this brush, the bristles have definitely softened and become more loose giving you a generally larger brush head, the bristles are more dense and the brush is actually smaller when you use it for the first time. 

Zoeva 110 Face Shape £8.95 from beautybay.com
This post is definitely revealing my true love for Zoeva, this one is very similar to the brush by MAC in that is has a rounded head and is quite small in size. This brush also reminds me of the contour brush available from Real Techniques, I prefer this one however as its more dense and seems to work better for me. Again this brush is quite dense so it really distributes the product well, creating some really amazing shadows and depth to the areas of your face. I really like using this particular brush with cream products, the products really blend into the skin beautifully and because of the small size of the brush, you can get a really nice natural end result. 

Crown Brush C405 Contour Blush £8.29 from crownbrush.co.uk
Even though the name of this one presumes that you should use it to apply blush, I mostly use it for contouring as the shape is just brilliant and the bristles are so damn soft! If you're looking for more of a natural and softer contour then this one is really perfect, you can still achieve a more dramatic, sculpted look but I always turn to this brush when I just want a slight amount of definition, its definitely an everyday tool for me. My only downfall to this brush is that a couple of the bristles have shed on me whilst I was washing it, but really nothing major. 

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush £9.99 from Boots or Superdrug
The newest brush to my collection and quickly becoming one of my favourite purchases ever. The bristles of this are so unbelievably soft and they glide across the skin beautifully. With a slanted tip this brush works wonders on those cheek bones and also the jaw line. This brush is made from high quality bristles that stay clean and wash really nicely, I find this one the easiest to take care of, it seems to keep its shape really well and the bristles have never shed on me. 

What are your top tools for contouring? What brush should I try next? Let me know in the comments.

Alice May Snell