04 October 2015

Budget Buy: W7 Lip Twisters

The brand W7 has been around for a pretty long time but I've only started to fully experience the brand ever since an outlet store landed in one of my local towns. So far the items I have tried from the brand have been really impressive, it's always so satisfying when you find a really great budget beauty brand.

One of the first things I picked up from the brand and one of my new favourite things are the W7 Lip Twisters, a retractable lip pencil which comes in at just £2.50 per shade. I particularly like the fact that the lip pencils are a retractable format, I for some reason really hate having to sharpen lip pencils, I always make such a mess! 

One thing I find slightly annoying about these is that they don't have shades or numbers, but fortunately each shade is completely different so its pretty easy to distinguish between each one. There are four shades available and of course I decided to pick up one of each! The four shades include a nude, light pink, red and a berry shade. Each one is really pretty and works nicely with a range of different lipsticks from all different brands, and different textures too. 

If I'm completely honest I wasn't expecting these to be as good as they are, the quality is really impressive and I'm currently wishing their were more shades available. Each shade has a very creamy, soft texture which is perfect for a smooth, flawless application, they are also extremely pigmented and each shade is true to the shade presented on the exterior. My only criticism about these particular lip liners is that the staying power isn't as good as some others I have tried which is a little bit disappointing but when you go back to the bargain price of these, I don't really mind. On the plus side, when the product wears away from the lips it wears off evenly and nicely. 

You can pick these up online or from a W7 Beauty Outlet store if you're lucky enough to live near one! 

Have you tried anything from W7? I'd love to know what your favourite product is. 

Alice May Snell