29 September 2015

September Favourites

September has been a very busy month, in all irony I'm not sure where the month has gone, it feels like we are so close to Christmas now! Even though I've not been that active on my blog over this month I have still been trying new things and of course wearing my favourite beauty products. 

Today I will be telling you more about all the things I have been enjoying in the past thirty odd days from skincare to makeup. I am a big lover of discovering amazing new products but also digging out some of the gooduns' you know and trust. Lets see what has been happening in September! 

I felt like at the start of the month my skin started to become more dry and dehydrated, I think mainly because of the change in weather, it became more cold and rainy in the UK, which normally sends my skin into melt down! As soon as we move into the colder months I always end up using my Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream from The Body Shop, a product I discovered a long time ago and have repurchased time and time again. This retails at £13.00 for a 50ml jar, it lasts a pretty good amount of time and if you check vouchercodes.co.uk regularly they are always offering discounts of 30% and 40% off at The Body Shop! I forget how much I love this until I start using it again, the way it hydrates my skin and gives me a beautiful glow is incredible and it manages to keep my skin at bay all day long. I love using this moisturiser underneath my makeup as it works as a perfect base, it's super hydrating and my makeup seems to last really well on top too which is a bonus. 

My next favourite is actually probably more of a yearly favourite than monthly, I have been using and loving the 'Creamy Beige' Maybelline Colour Tattoo every day nonstop for over two months, it's actually nearing the end of the pot! This was a new shade released a while ago now and it is the prettiest, most perfect everyday shade for anyone who just wants an easy, neutral base that works with any other eyeshadows. I particularly like this shade as its more warm toned and it really compliments my blue eyes. It goes without saying that the colour tattoo range is an absolute winner, I cannot give the products enough praise! 

Last but most certainly not least for this months favourite are two products from Makeup Revolution. 
The first is one of their bargain single eyeshadows in the shade Touch Me which is simply a nude eyeshadow, but what makes this my favourite is the texture, the longevity and the price. I use this eyeshadow every single day without fail, to highlight the inner corner of my eyes, on the brow bone and even on top of the colour tattoo. You can grab this eyeshadow for just £1 from Superdrug and its just one of the best things I have ever discovered, the texture is so creamy, so soft and the end result is incredible. I honestly can't believe how inexpensive this product is yet it works absolute wonders. 

And finally from the Makeup Revolution I <3 Makeup line is my new favourite highlighter, the Blushing Hearts in Iced Hearts has been my go to product for the month. This little box product is actually classed as a blusher but I have been using the very left shade, a beautiful highlight colour, on my brow bone, cheek bones, cupids bow etc. and its such a pretty and very natural pop of glow. I am a bit of a highlighter addict and I wish they sold just this shade from the product separately as it really is beautiful but the other shades you also get in here are simply stunning too. 

What have been your favourite things in September? I am not enjoying seeing tons of spiders everywhere but I guess that's just life! 

Alice May Snell