27 September 2015

New In: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Creme de Rose'

Finally, at long last, the Maybelline Colour Tattoo colour range has been expanded and its probably the highlight of my week. Colour Tattoos are one of my absolute favourite things and I find myself using one on a daily basis. Maybelline have now released new shades of their little cream eyeshadows, in the form of more neutral, base shades, that are very similar to a couple of the Paint Pots by MAC.

New shades include Creme de Rose which is the one I decided to pick up and there is also Creme de Nude, which is a very yellow based neutral shade, extremely similar to MAC Soft Ochre, I found this to be too yellow for me so decided not to pick it up. Creme de Rose is a complete dupe for MAC Painterly, a signature shade that is loved and used by so many in the beauty world including myself. This new shade from Maybelline is a beautiful neutral pink tone that works wonders on paler skin tones at covering redness, imperfections and giving you a blank canvas for your favourite eye look. What I particularly love about the new shades from Maybelline is that they are completely matte, no shimmer at all which makes them so versatile and perfect for everyday. 

I've been using Creme de Rose on my eyes all week and I couldn't want any longer to let you guys know about it, that's if you haven't already snapped it up yourself! I'm a very simply eye kinda girl and on a day to day basis I find myself whacking on a small amount of this, blending a very light taupe/brown shadow into my crease and that's it, I'm ready for the day. This shade lives up to all my hoped expectations, just like the other shades in the range, the product is super soft, creamy and blends into the eyelid beautifully, leaving you with a beautiful hint of colour that lasts all day and does not budge until you ask it to! 

When it comes to comparing this to Painterly by MAC, I honestly cannot seem to find a difference between the two. They work in the same way, give the same result and are the same shade, so if you want to save yourself some pennies then this is 100% a place to do so. 

You can pick these new Colour Tattoo shades up now for just £4.99 from Boots, they're also included in the 3 for 2 so even more of an excuse to pick up both! Have you tried the new shades yet? Which do you prefer?

Alice May Snell