03 August 2015

Finding Pretty Stationary

When it comes to stationary I must say I am a little bit of an obsessive, I do love a good pretty notepad or cute stack of post it notes. I'm always spotting really lovely stationary bits in such random shops and I wanted to share a few places with you guys, as I sometimes receive questions on Instagram and Twitter!

The first place is probably an obvious one and thats Paperchase which is an absolute dream of a shop for anyone who is like me, although it's not the cheapest shop ever, it's definitely worth it when you find the perfect item. What I love about Paperchase is that you can buy things in sets, so you can have all sorts of pieces on your desk that match each other, or you can pick different pieces from each collection to mix it up! One of my favourite things from this store is the weekly planners they sell, they are such a good and useful piece to have whether you're a blogger or not. 

I also find myself popping into TK Maxx quite often to browse their stationary department which I must say is pretty darn good at the best of times. The only problem with this store is that once something has gone, that's usually it, but if you get there at the right time you might just find exactly what you're looking for. I really love that you can find the most unique piece in TK Maxx and most of the time it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. 

A pretty random place that I recently popped into and walked out with a bag full is actually Sainsbury's. I was casually browsing the aisles actually looking for a birthday card when I suddenly spotted shelves of beautiful notebooks and folders in pretty pink floral prints and so on. Supermarkets are great places to pick up new stationary as most of the time it's really inexpensive meaning you can get more for your money! 

Some other places I have recently been to that have had some lovely blog perfect stationary includes Tesco, Wilko, The Range and even eBay

I would love to know your favourite stationary store, let me know in the comments. 

Alice May Snell