30 July 2015

Baking: Chocolate Dipped Flapjacks

So the other day I was finishing work and I really fancied some comfort food, I went on Twitter to see that someone was having chocolate dipped flapjack and from there I went straight to Sainsbury's to buy myself some ingredients! I hadn't had flapjack in ages, it's always been something my Mum has made in the past and I must admit it is one of my favourite little homemade treats. I posted a photograph of my finished flapjacks on Instagram and a couple of people asked if I would be posting the recipe on my blog, so here it is for you all!

23 July 2015

Top Mascaras for Straight Lashes

I think mascara is probably the product I own the most of, when new ones are released I seem to always have to give them a go. Mascara is one of the beauty products which I simply could not go without when I'm wearing makeup, I feel like it completes any makeup look and I just love how fluttery and lovely you can make your lashes look! Within this post I have compiled my all time favourites for straight lashes. I have naturally very poker straight lashes which are actually quite a decent length once they're curled but they just drop so easily and it takes a pretty hefty waterproof mascara to keep them in place. In this post I'm going to share my current favourite mascara's that work the best for me, these are all in the waterproof formula so these have all been tried and tested - some for a couple of years and some are new purchases that I've fallen in love with. 

16 July 2015

Essence Beauty Haul

I've heard a lot about the brand Essence ever since I started writing my blog, it was always a brand that popped up on the American blog posts and youtube videos, I have wanted to try so many products for a while but just wasn't sure how to get my hands on them in the UK. When I popped into my local Wilko store a few weeks ago I discovered they had an Essence stand, I had heard rumours that this was one of the places the brand was available in the UK, but hadn't managed to find it as of yet. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to purchase so I just went for a few of the basics to get started.

10 July 2015

Kiss Cosmetics Colour Switch Review

Today I am bringing you an exciting new product from Kiss Cosmetics, a cosmetic brand that launched in 2014, I've not tried or seen anything by the brand as of yet but I am super excited to try more. Kiss Cosmetics is a pretty affordable brand who create some amazing lipstick shades for just £7.00 each. One thing I would like to mention is that the brand are 100% cruelty free and all product ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging, I find this extremely helpful as I do suffer from allergies so I do need to check any products I use on my skin. 

I was lucky enough to receive one of the new products being launched this weekend, the Colour Switch* product can completely change the way your lipstick looks and it so easy and simple to do. The product is encased exactly like any other lipstick, I really like the packaging as its simple, white and cute. 
To create your desired effect you simply apply Colour Switch to the lips in an even coat, I found it easiest to apply this with a brush to create an even layer. Then apply your favourite lipstick over the top, I went for the shade 'Lady in Red' by Kiss Cosmetics which is a deep toned true red. I was particularly impressed with the quality, texture and pigmentation of the lipstick alone on first application. By using Colour Switch underneath this shade, it turns it into a more pinky toned red which is beautiful, creamy and has incredible lasting power, which really surprised me too. Have you ever picked up a dark lipstick and found it just slightly too overpowering? Well applying this product underneath can tone that shade down and give you a more subtle, lighter colour on the lips. 
This product is such an innovative idea and I can see it becoming a favourite in many makeup bags, I find it fascinating that you can turn your favourite lipstick into more shades. 

Colour Switch retails at £9.00 and will be available from the Kiss Cosmetics website from 16th July but if you can't wait that long, you'll be able to grab one this weekend at IMATS, London. 

Have you tried anything from Kiss Cosmetics yet?

07 July 2015

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Kit Review

Recently new in at the drugstore is a fab little contour kit by Maybelline, the drugstore are really upping their game when it comes to contouring and highlighting! I love a good contour kit and I particularly love how compact, cute and put together this one is. Available in two shades, light-medium and medium-dark, I actually ended up picking up the darker shade out of the two, it seemed more ash toned and I felt that the lighter shade didn't really show up on my skin. 
I discovered this little gem whilst on a lunch break back in June, I hadn't heard much about it but knew I had to pick one up to try! The product is divided into two sections, one side is the contouring brown shade and the other is a light highlight shade, then underneath there is a small compartment with a mirror and miniature contouring brush! Both of the shades in this palette are stunning, I find the brown to be absolutely perfect for contouring as it has that cool, ash tone to it, which works really well at creating a natural looking shadow. I find the highlight shade to be just perfect for an everyday glow, without looking too overpowering or glittery, it really is such a pretty colour. In terms of the actual brush that comes with the palette, it's actually really quite good, it distributes the product evenly and you can really sculpt the areas you wish to, as the brush is dense and slim.
I would say this palette is perfect for anyone looking for a general daytime contour kit, something that is compact and easy to use and looks natural once applied. This kit is perfect in that it isn't too dark, too dramatic or too much, so even if you're a beginner I think you'll find this fab. You'll also love how long lasting and creamy the formula is, I can safely say this product stays all day and looks just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. 

The Maybelline contour palette is available now in drugstores and elsewhere! What's your favourite contour kit? 

05 July 2015

June Favourites

I really can't believe how quickly the year is going and how soon Summer has come upon us! Over the month of June I was loving a fair few different things, its been a pretty good month all round. Don't forget that you can find out more about this months favourites over on my YouTube channel
Alice May Snell