17 June 2015

New Makeup Purchases

Surprisingly it has been a little while since I've done a proper good makeup shop, I've been trying to save money for a few months so I restricted myself to only buying things I really needed which is a lot harder than it looks. At the weekend I popped into my local town because I had seen so many new makeup bits I wanted to buy from watching YouTube and reading blogs, I had a mighty little shopping list to take with me.

When a brand is offering 3 for 2 it's pretty hard to resist, especially when it's Maybelline. First off I picked up the new Nudes palette, costing just £9.99 for ten beautiful eye shadows it's a complete bargain and the shades are all so pretty. The formula on first impressions is amazing, each shade is very creamy and pigmented, but I will do a full review of the palette once I've given it a proper go! I will also be using the palette in a few makeup looks on my YouTube channel.

Also from Maybelline I picked up the new Masterpiece Contour Kit, a little box powder product containing a brown contour shade, lighter highlight shade and a small contour brush, there's even a mirror in there too, its such a handy design. Available in two shades, light-medium or medium-dark, I actually went for the darker shade just because the contour shade looked more ash toned and seemed to be more pigmented when I sampled the two. I love a good contour kit so I'm really looking forward to trying this one out, it's pretty compact too so would be fab for travelling, it has everything you need in one place! Priced at £6.99 I again think this is a fab price for such a great product.

Finally from Maybelline, as it was 3 for 2, I decided to go for one of their nude lipsticks which I've never tried before. I don't have that many lipsticks from Maybelline already so I went for the shade Tantalizing Taupe, which is lovely and suits my skin tone really well. 

Whilst browsing the Soap & Glory stand I noticed a new brow product, I am a big fan of their brow archery, it's an amazing dupe for the anastasia brow wiz and. It's so affordable. I spotted the 2 in 1 sculpting crayon and setting gel which is a wax pencil with a slanted tip and the other end is a clear setting gel, genius! Soap and Glory seem to bring out the best in eyebrows, it's amazing to find such good value brow products, in the right shade, remember the days when the only brow product on the market in the drugstore was the Rimmel brow pencil?! I picked the brow crayon up in the shade 'brown & out' which was the darkest shade of the two available in my local Boots.

I then also discovered the Soap & Glory lipstick section, I've never tried any of these before and I've been looking for a really nice matte lipstick to try. I spotted the shade 'blush pink' and it sounded perfect for me, and it is also of a matte formula. This shade is so pretty and it feels pretty hydrating when I swatched it, so I really hope it lasts well on the lip but still looks matte at the same time. 

Lastly I picked up three pretty random items, the first being a re-purchase of the well loved Rimmel lip liner in East End Snob, the perfect shade lip liner of all time but one that I seem to use up extremely quickly! If you're after a drugstore lip liner to work with Mac Angel or Creme Cup, this is the one to go for. Then I discovered two beautiful looking eyeshadows, the first being the single eyeshadow by Seventeen in the shade 'rose quartz' which is a shade I saw ghost parties talking about recently and have to agree that it is a beautiful one wash over the lid shade. The other eyeshadow is from Miss Sporty and its another of their Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow pencils, this one in the shade 'chocolate chip' which is just gorgeous. I already have one of these in the shade 'peanut butter' and I just love it for everyday, so easy to use and they look lovely on.

What have you been buying recently?
Alice May Snell