09 June 2015

Currently Loving

It has been a little while since I wrote a favourites post, perhaps because I wasn't really trying that many different things but since my 21st birthday, I have had a fair few new things to try out and I've discovered some new favourites. Today I will be sharing just a few products I've been really enjoying lately and of which I highly recommend.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream 
I said I wanted to have a new scent for my 21st, something that I really liked and could have as a future perfume that I would look back on as being my 21st fragrance. I have been eyeing up the lovely packaging of Daisy Dream ever since its release, the cute pale blue bottle and ditsy white daisies just drew me in, a total sucker for cute packaging here! This perfume is actually pretty different to any I've had before, I've always been into very sweet and girly scents, however this one is more fruity and slightly stronger, I guess you could say it feels like a more mature scent! 

I popped this lip product on my Pinterest wish list and ended up receiving two for my birthday! I was really intrigued by the reviews I'd heard about these being dupes for the Two Faced Melted lip products, which look amazing but are kind of expensive. Although there aren't half as many shades available by Makeup Revolution, there was still one that caught my eye the most. Tremor is a very lovely bright pink, perfect for summer and is extremely pigmented, especially when you consider that these only cost £2.99. I've been very impressed with the lasting power of this particular product, I can apply in the morning at say 7am and it can still be there at 2pm, which is pretty good considering there is lunch in the middle of that! I particularly like the way the product wears off gradually and leaves you with a slight stain of colour. 

Elizabeth Arden is one of those brands that I've never really tried, I always walk past the counter and shelves in shops because it hasn't ever really taken my fancy. My friend was telling me all about how amazing the 8 hour cream is for dry skin, and in particular for dry and chapped lips, something I tend to suffer from when the weather is cold. I actually picked this little 30ml tube up from a shop called Savers where it only cost me £2.99 so it was an absolute bargain when you see the price of the product in Boots, Debenhams etc. 8 hour cream is definitely one to use at night as it is quite a thick and greasy formula that I personally wouldn't use in the mornings or throughout the day. I think the cream can also work it's best at night as you can apply it for a long period of time. I find this product incredible for dry patches of skin, it really soothes and hydrates the area in just a few hours, it's amazing! You also only need to use a very small amount, as it does appear quite greasy, which makes this tube an even bigger bargain as I feel it will last me a pretty long time. 

I have been eyeing up and dreaming about the NARS Copacabana Illuminator for quite some time, I see Gabby from velvetgh0st using it in her makeup tutorials and it just looks so beautiful, however as usual the hefty price tag steers me away. Unfortunately I can't remember who mentioned this highlighter from TBS, but they mentioned that it is a fab dupe for the NARS one so I had to pop it on my shopping list. I actually visited the Oxford Street store on my birthday and used my £5 birthday gift towards the highlighter, perks of having their reward card! I've been really enjoying this highlighter as it gives my skin such a beautiful, healthy glow without being over sparkly or too much. The highlighter is packaged in a plastic tube meaning it is easy to apply and there is a hell of a lot of product in there, so it will last you a very long time, bare in mind that again you only need a small amount for it to be super effective. 

I've considered trying some of the Rodial skincare products for quite a while now, so when Mediahubb contacted me to see if I'd like to try some, I was really interested. I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to eye creams and treatments, I just find myself always trying new ones so I was super excited to try Glamtox Eye. The product is quite thin in consistency but has a skin tone tint to it, which I really like. I also really love the fact that this product has SPF 15, perfect for keeping the eye area as youthful as possible for longer. I can't officially say that this product has firmed or brighter my eye area but it definitely feels more moisturised and plump, which is why I'm loving it so far and hoping for good results! 

What products have you been loving lately? I am keen to try some new things so let me know in the comments! 

Alice May Snell