12 June 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Dupe?

When Benefit announced their brand new mascara, Roller Lash, the beauty world went crazy and myself included got a little excited about the new product. Benefit have a fantastic track record with their mascara's and I can confirm that they are pretty good, Roller Lash included. I have to admit though that once my sample from Elle magazine had met the end of its days, I wasn't that tempted to buy the full size because of the things I'd been hearing about the new Maybelline Sensational mascara. 

I've recently been trying out the Sensational mascara in waterproof, and I can firstly say that I absolutely love it and prefer it 100% to Benefit Roller Lash, hands down. Both of the mascaras have a very distinctive wand, slightly curved but plastic with very fine bristles, making it easy to catch every lash. I prefer the wand on the Sensational mascara because it is slightly more curved making it easier to coat every lash in one go, maybe this is because I have quite round eyes however. I think the style of the wand is what wins me over, the bristles are perfect at really separating the lashes and giving you some serious length. With one side of the brush having shorter bristles than the other, you can really achieve your own desired effect. I do still find myself reaching for the eyelash curlers when using this mascara, but I don't think I'll ever find a mascara that does that job for me! 

Maybelline really know how to do good packaging, I really love the rose gold coloured tube as I suspect most others will too! 

I am completely blown away and amazed at how lengthening the Maybelline mascara is, just one coat makes my lashes look separated, long and fluttery and with two is the perfect amount for a daytime look. I also love how black the mascara is, it is super jet black and it stays this way all day with no fall down whatsoever, I hate it when you check the mirror at lunch time and have mascara all under the eyes, annoying! Maybelline Sensational also has a better hold on the lashes curl, obviously I expected this anyway as I purchased it in waterproof, I always find Maybelline mascaras seem to do the best waterproof ones, they are totally bulletproof and hold a curl for hours. 

I did totally love the Benefit Roller Lash and don't get me wrong it is a really great mascara but for less than £8 you can pick this one up from Maybelline and its just as effective, and even better in my opinion. 

Have you tried the new Lash Sensational mascara? What did you think? Let me know! 
Alice May Snell