23 June 2015

A Drugstore Concealer Better Than Collection?

When it comes to concealer, it plays quite a large part in my everyday makeup routine, and I like good coverage too. Finding the perfect concealer is quite the task, most of the time I find every concealer is too dark for my pale skin or too thick for my dry skin, life problems right? I had been using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for months and I was convinced it was holy grail, and I was slightly addicted to the stuff. When on a shopping trip (shock!) I was trying to pick up a new tube of the trusty Collection concealer, but completely failed to do so, it was out of stock everywhere. Collection told me on Twitter that it wasn't being discontinued, so I think there was and still is just some sort of stock problem, as its still out of stock pretty much everywhere I look!

I was becoming pretty desperate for a new concealer as I was nearly out, so I decided to look for an alternative. I've tried many concealers from the drugstore in the past and I have always gone straight back to Collection, nothing quite matched to the thick coverage and pale shade. I popped into Boots and decided to pick up the SEVENTEEN Stay Time concealer in the shade Extra Fair. When I first started using this one I wasn't that amazed but now I can safely say I actually prefer Stay Time to the Collection concealer.

Stay Time is the perfect shade and consistency for my skin tone and type and the price suits my budget too, at only £4.49 it is pretty much the same price as Collection and it is worth every penny you pay. I think the only downside to this concealer is that the coverage isn't quite as high, meaning I have to apply two layers to achieve my desired coverage whereas before I'd only need one. Although this takes a little longer in the mornings, it works nicer as my skin doesn't cake up and feel covered in product, there is no cakeyness and my skin stays hydrated. I also noticed the lasting power of this particular concealer is incredible, it still looks pretty good when I get home in the evenings which is exactly what I have been looking for, I can definitely go out after work without touching up.

17 June 2015

New Makeup Purchases

Surprisingly it has been a little while since I've done a proper good makeup shop, I've been trying to save money for a few months so I restricted myself to only buying things I really needed which is a lot harder than it looks. At the weekend I popped into my local town because I had seen so many new makeup bits I wanted to buy from watching YouTube and reading blogs, I had a mighty little shopping list to take with me.

When a brand is offering 3 for 2 it's pretty hard to resist, especially when it's Maybelline. First off I picked up the new Nudes palette, costing just £9.99 for ten beautiful eye shadows it's a complete bargain and the shades are all so pretty. The formula on first impressions is amazing, each shade is very creamy and pigmented, but I will do a full review of the palette once I've given it a proper go! I will also be using the palette in a few makeup looks on my YouTube channel.


12 June 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Dupe?

When Benefit announced their brand new mascara, Roller Lash, the beauty world went crazy and myself included got a little excited about the new product. Benefit have a fantastic track record with their mascara's and I can confirm that they are pretty good, Roller Lash included. I have to admit though that once my sample from Elle magazine had met the end of its days, I wasn't that tempted to buy the full size because of the things I'd been hearing about the new Maybelline Sensational mascara. 

I've recently been trying out the Sensational mascara in waterproof, and I can firstly say that I absolutely love it and prefer it 100% to Benefit Roller Lash, hands down. Both of the mascaras have a very distinctive wand, slightly curved but plastic with very fine bristles, making it easy to catch every lash. I prefer the wand on the Sensational mascara because it is slightly more curved making it easier to coat every lash in one go, maybe this is because I have quite round eyes however. I think the style of the wand is what wins me over, the bristles are perfect at really separating the lashes and giving you some serious length. With one side of the brush having shorter bristles than the other, you can really achieve your own desired effect. I do still find myself reaching for the eyelash curlers when using this mascara, but I don't think I'll ever find a mascara that does that job for me! 


09 June 2015

Currently Loving

It has been a little while since I wrote a favourites post, perhaps because I wasn't really trying that many different things but since my 21st birthday, I have had a fair few new things to try out and I've discovered some new favourites. Today I will be sharing just a few products I've been really enjoying lately and of which I highly recommend.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream 
I said I wanted to have a new scent for my 21st, something that I really liked and could have as a future perfume that I would look back on as being my 21st fragrance. I have been eyeing up the lovely packaging of Daisy Dream ever since its release, the cute pale blue bottle and ditsy white daisies just drew me in, a total sucker for cute packaging here! This perfume is actually pretty different to any I've had before, I've always been into very sweet and girly scents, however this one is more fruity and slightly stronger, I guess you could say it feels like a more mature scent! 


06 June 2015

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks | Review & Swatches

As soon as I saw these blush sticks appear on the Makeup Revolution site, I immediately wanted them but I was too slow as they completely sold out so quickly. I'd sort of forgotten about them a little as I couldn't find them in stores, but I was very lucky to receive the two I had been eyeing up for my birthday, back in May. I've heard a lot about these blush sticks being dupes for the multiples by NARS, which would be a pretty impressive dupe as these only cost £5 each. 

The blush sticks are available in two formulas, matte and sheen, I was particularly hoping to try Matte Malibu and Dream as they looked like my kind of shades. Matte Malibu is a matte deep brown shade that looks pretty scary at first sight and it is quite dark, it would be nice to see a slightly lighter shade for us paler girls, the tone of this one is also more on the warmer side. Dream on the other hand is stunning, its a light, slightly pink toned highlight shade that is very similar in shade to products such as NARS Copacabana. 

These blush sticks have a very creamy formula, but in my experience you have to work quite quickly with the likes of Matte Malibu, I would recommend applying to one area and blending straight away. I tried to apply the product to each area of my face and then blend, but the product seemed to have dried and it was harder to blend, or perhaps the product would be more effective if applied to a brush first and then applied onto the skin. I found the shade Dream to work beautifully as a brow bone and cheek bone highlight, I also found the nicest way to apply this was using a duo fibre brush. I really like the balance of shimmer in the shade Dream, its just right and won't leave you feeling like a glitter ball, its a very natural hint of shimmer, perfect for paler skin tones. 

I really love the packaging of the blush sticks but it would be nice to have the shade somewhere on the packaging, as without keeping them in their boxes it isn't easy to tell which shade is which, without opening each one up. I will note that the matte shades are in a matte style tube and the sheen shades have a more glossy finish to the packaging, this is a nice touch. 

As I have said a load of times before, I absolutely love Makeup Revolution products and these blush sticks have made a nice little addition to my routine, I will definitely be checking out the other shades available and hoping that they develop a lighter contour shade *hint hint ;-)*

Alice May Snell