08 April 2015

Holy Grail Skincare

Finding  skincare products that I can call holy grail doesn't happen very often, but over the past say year I have definitely discovered a routine of products that suit my skin perfectly. Marking a product as holy grail is quite the title, but I can definitely class these few products as mine. 


04 April 2015

Easter Baking

I've been baking! Baking is not something I do very often, firstly because I have so many food allergies that most yummy creations out there just aren't suitable for me, I know life sucks. Secondly there is the factor that anything yummy I bake, tends to end up being consumed by myself very quickly, I'm a sucker for sweet treats. 

With it being Easter weekend I really fancied making some cute cupcakes to celebrate the occasion, I thought these would make a lovely addition to an Easter meal or just a little treat to have with your favourite cup of tea. I wanted to share with you my little baking creation and the recipe I used. I'm allergic to quite a few foods and have been since the age of 10, one of my biggest allergies and most annoying is my allergic to eggs, you wouldn't realise how many foods this is in! This does mean that I'm not allowed to have any of those lovely pretty cakes you buy in store, or those beautiful soft fluffy ones you can make yourselves. It did take a few attempts and a little trial and error, but I have found a very nice recipe for eggless cakes and they taste delicious. Even if you're not allergic, you should definitely try this recipe as I think you'll be surprised, the cakes are so yummy and fluffy which I never expected! 

Because I'm a little bit of a chocolate addict I decided to add some chocolate chips into my cake mixture, this is totally optional but it does make them taste 100x yummier and they look cool when you chop one in half too. 

Alice May Snell