21 March 2015

Saving Money on Beauty Purchases

The beauty world can be a pretty expensive one, and if you're wanting to try every new product release or you just want to build up a lovely stash of makeup, you may be interested in some easy money saving tips to help not break the bank but still allow you to try all of the wonderful new things. 

I've personally always been pretty good at saving money, I'm a really bad decision maker so when it comes to purchasing higher end makeup or even more expensive things in the drugstore, I'm always umming and ahhing over whether I actually want to buy it or not. I love that I can easily save my money but for some, it's not as easy as that, and I can see why, the beauty world is full of so many amazing things that draw you in so easily. 
Use your loyalty cards
There are so many stores that are offering loyalty cards, most of which are free to join and can give you so many benefits. My favourite is definitely Boots, for every £1 you spend you receive 4 points, then every 100 points you save is worth £1 to spend in store, which may not seem like much but it really does add up and over time you can find yourself with £10 or more to spend in store. Boots also have triple points events inshore and online which is a great way to gain yourself a few extras. The only slight downside to the Boots Advantage card is that you have to have the full amount on your card to cover the cost of an item, whereas stores such as Superdrug allow you to rack up the points and spend them when you wish, giving you a minimum of 50p off when you have enough. Loyalty cards also mean coupons, Boots are great at sending you coupons via the post and they now have an amazing iPhone app where you can load your vouchers to your Advantage card, meaning its super easy. 

Look out for 3 for 2
The UK drugstores are great at holding their offers, there is always some sort of offer going on in one of the two so always find out which one is best and go there to pick up your beauty bits. I love it when Boots and Superdrug offer 3 for 2 across everything, meaning you can pick up one thing by Rimmel, one by Maybelline and get something from Soap & Glory for free. Also when using offers such as 3 for 2, always ensure the items you are buying are of the same value. Basically try to pick 3 items that are £10 each instead of picking up two items that are worth £5 then the third only being worth £1, because you always get the cheapest item free. I've also noticed brands such as Rimmel offering 2 for £10 recently, which is fantastic as you can pick up any 2 products from their range and they'll be £5 each, I managed to grab two mascaras worth £8 each for £10 in total! 

Save your loose change
After a bit of a shopping trip or just at the end of a busy week I always empty my loose change from my purse, leaving pound coins in there only. I have a jar in my room where I keep all of my loose change and over time this will definitely add up to something more exciting than just coppers sitting in the bottom of your bag. This is a great way to save up some money without even realising it because lets face it you probably won't miss that little bit of change and you won't even realise its gone once its in your savings pot. Once you have a pretty good amount of money saved up you can head to the bank or post office to get your change transferred to notes or you can have it put into your bank account. You can use the coin exchange machines in supermarkets if you're desperate but be careful as these take approximately 10% of the amount of money you are changing, so its definitely worth counting it out yourself and exchanging it at the bank or post office if you can. 

Purchase from blog sales
I'm a bit of a sucker for a good blog sale, these are such an amazing way to pick up an absolute bargain whether its a MAC lipstick or a Dior foundation. There are hundreds of bloggers out there now who buy products that they just don't seem to get along with, meaning they are happy to pop their items up for sale for someone else to try. Bloggers such as Sugar Fixx Beauty and Suzy Hearts Beauty run some amazing blog sales, so head over there and pick up a new product for a bargain price. It may not seem hygienic to buy makeup second hand, but there are easy ways to sanitise products and its a good idea to buy the products from a blogger you love or trust, just to be safe. 

Know your stuff
This may seem silly but its so important to do your research and know your stuff, know exactly what you're looking for before you head to the shops. Back in the day there have been countless times where I have just splurged all my money on a MAC foundation to get home to find it rubbish, the complete wrong shade and me being £30 down. I am forever googling about products to find out what others thoughts are because although what works for someone else may not work for you, its still important to find out more about a product especially if its a more expensive one. I love reading my favourite bloggers reviews, you can simply type into Google the product you're looking for and add review to the search bar, you'll find hundreds of thoughts on the product you want to try. Another great way to check reviews on a product is to head to the brands website or Boots/Superdrug where customers write reviews for you to read, Boots is great as it gives every product a star rating, so you can really determine whether its going to be good or not. But again, remember that what works for someone else may not 100% work for you, its all about trial and error. 

Find the perfect dupe
Finally, there are hundreds of amazing beauty dupes out there now, so even if you do eventually want to splurge on that new Chanel mascara, there may well be a very similar product available for a third of the price. I find dupe blog posts really helpful and one of my favourite things to read because finding a good dupe is such a great feeling, and if it truly works as well as the original or more expensive version, I will happily stick with the less expensive version and save my pennies for something else. I find Pinterest an amazing tool for finding beauty dupes, there are some amazing posts on there for MAC lipstick dupes and more, so definitely sign up to Pinterest if you're not already (although be warned, it is very highly addictive!).

I really hope this post was useful, I'd really love to know your ways in which you try to save money when treating yourself to new beauty bits?
Alice May Snell