26 February 2015

Save or Splurge? Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Shu Ueumera is a brand that I didn't even know existed until I started reading blogs and watching YouTube, it quickly became clear that the brand is extremely popular and famous for a certain makeup tool of theirs. I'm a big fan of lashes, for me, a day with makeup means I have to wear mascara, it pulls everything together and I just couldn't imagine my makeup routine without it. 

I naturally have very straight hair, I still choose to straighten it but I could get away with not doing so. Having straight hair means I also have poker straight eyelashes, that actually require heated eyelash curlers to make any difference whatsoever. I can hold eyelash curlers on for minutes, for my lashes to simply bounce back to utter straightness, trust me it sucks! 

Over the years I have purchased far too many pairs of eyelash curlers, ranging from £1.00 to £10.00 and from several different brands, all of which I've never been 100% happy with. I have quite large round eyes which makes finding a pair of curlers to fit quite the task, they all seem to be suited to a particular eye shape that I do not have! Anyway, a few weeks ago I was shopping in London and I decided to splurge on a set of the oh so famous Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers £20.00, believe me it took a lot of convincing to actually make me spend that on some lash curlers that looked incredibly similar to ones I'd paid £1.00 for. 

A few weeks on and I'm going to tell you whether they're worth it, so should you save your money and stick to the standard £5.00 ones from Boots or should you splurge the £20.00 and bag yourself an amazing makeup tool that could change your life. Well I can safely say, it's definitely the latter, these eyelash curlers have really changed my life, so far. These lash curlers fit my eye perfectly as well as grabbing every single lash right from the inner corner to the outer, I am so impressed. I also really love the way these don't pinch my lashes or my skin, they simply add a beautiful curve to the lashes, so mascara applies so easily. I'm also very impressed at how curled my lashes stay throughout the day, obviously I do use waterproof mascara too but gone are the days of me heating my lash curlers up with the hairdryer for them to work. 

I wouldn't say this is an item you desperately need to buy, but if you struggle with keeping your lashes curled or have super straight lashes like me, these could seriously help you out. If you have a spare £20.00 laying around definitely add these to your list, and treat yourself as I guarantee you will be super pleased and won't go back to your cheaper lash curlers form Boots! Don't forget that you put these things seriously close to your eyes, so spending a little extra seems kinda worth it really. 

Let me know what eyelash curlers you use and which ones you'd recommend.. 
Alice May Snell