07 February 2015

NEW IN: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Chocolate Suede'

When I heard that Maybelline were releasing new shades to their Colour Tattoo line I got a little excited, I am obsessed with these cream shadows and pretty much have every shade in my collection - apart from that bright turquoise! I'm pretty sure this shade has been available in the US for some time but it has just landed in UK Superdrug stores, I managed to grab the last one whilst shopping a week or so ago, lucky right! Chocolate Suede is one of the Leather Effect tattoos which goes alongside shades Creamy Beige and Vintage Plum.

Chocolate Suede, as the name suggests, is a beautiful dark chocolate colour with a slight hint of shimmer, this would look perfect as an all over wash of colour or on the outer corner of the eye for a more smokey effect. The finish of this one is beautiful, very satin and smooth and you can really pick up the tiny hints of shimmer which reflect in the light. When blended onto the skin you can really change it up with this one, whether you want a very subtle hint of colour or a full on smokey look, you can achieve both depending on how much product you use and how much blending you do.

This shade is so pretty and really brings out the blue in my eyes, I can feel it becoming a staple item in my collection alongside the other colour tattoos. The formulation of the leather effect is so lovely, creamy and blends like a dream onto my eyes for a beautiful long lasting finish. I haven't experienced any creasing with this product and they only remove when you say so. Comparing this shade to 'On and On Bronze' which was one of the earlier colours in the tattoo collection this is a lot darker and more of a chocolate brown whereas the other is more of a bronze gold. For best results I find myself using a MAC 217 to blend the product out or you can use your fingertips, which works wonders because the warmth of your skin allows the product to glide on beautifully.

I am really enjoying the new shade of colour tattoo and I cant wait to see even more shades released in the future. At the moment, I've only seen Chocolate Suede available in Superdrug over Boots, retailing at just £4.99, Maybelline is also on buy one get one half price at the moment! 

Alice May Snell