14 February 2015

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Over the past couple of weeks I've done a little bit of damage in Boots and Superdrug, which is okay because I'm totally in love with everything, but not so great for my bank account! I've had quite a few drugstore products on my wish list and it was definitely time to cave and pick them up, there have also been a couple of new releases that I was so eager to get my hands on. I feel like there are so many amazing new products on the market and brands just keep on bringing out new ideas that I cannot resist, especially Makeup Revolution who just make me want to spend all of my wages on their website, literally. Anyhow, I did make a few different trips to my local drugstores, and did a couple of orders online, therefore these purchases were spread out over a couple of weeks. 

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette £4.99 
You don't really hear much about the brand Beauty UK, at least I don't anyway, I absolutely love their Baked Blush in Halo so popped over to their stand in Superdrug to see what else they offer. I was surprised to see the Ultimate Contour Palette which contains three contour shades in a cream to powder formula. As far as I know there aren't many other products like this one available in the drugstore, therefore I had to pick this up. The palette comes in one shade which I find pretty handy, I'm pretty sure this palette would suit an array of skin tones, I am particularly liking the look of the deeper more ash toned brown on the left, I'm also hoping the highlight shade is super pigmented!

Beauty UK Hi-Brow Kit £3.99
When I saw that the brand had a buy one get one half price offer on it felt rude not to, therefore I picked up their brow kit as I have seen a few people use this before, and it looks great. I believe it only comes in the one shade which contains a wax and three eyebrow colours to suit all hair colours. I really like that this palette contains all of the shades, you can really change it up to achieve the perfect colour, or use the shadows for eyeliner etc. Also in this handy little compact you will receive  a pair of super cute tweezers and a small angled brush, which I'm yet to have a look at, but its super handy to have somewhere to store your tweezers whilst on the go. 

Makeup Revolution Single Eyeshadow £1.00
Whilst browsing the wonderful Makeup Revolution stand I spotted a couple of their single eyeshadows in matte brown shades that looked like they would be perfect eyebrow colours, the shades are Mocha Love which is slightly darker brown and and Hung up which is a tad lighter. I already have one of these in a nude shade called Touch Me which is a staple in my everyday makeup routine, so I highly recommend these! I really love the packaging of the Makeup Revolution single eyeshadows, they really stand out in my collection and the amount of product you get is fantastic, for £1.00 you definitely have to try these, they are so creamy and buttery when applied. 

Makeup I ♡ Definiton Palette £4.99
I picked this little palette up in the shade Medium, mainly because I preferred the blush shade to the shade Fair but also because the contour was more ash toned in this one, theres a little heads up for you! This reminds me a lot of the Sleek Face Form Palette, the shades are gorgeous and I cannot wait to get this highlighter on my face, so pretty. Oh and ignore the little dents in the contour shade, I'm totally clumsy and dropped another product onto this one, boo, why didn't it happen after the photos! 

♡ Makeup Summer of Love Triple Baked Bronzer £4.99
If you've seen my recent posts you'll have seen my review on the Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter which is in the same line as this product, I will link that post here. I love the packaging of these little box powders and the colours are so stunning. I actually think this will make a beautiful highlighter as its actually quite a pale bronzer, either way I know its going to look stunning on the skin. I feel like I need the entire Heart collection as they're so beautiful to look at!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit £6.49
When I popped into Superdrug on 11th February, I was disappointed to see that they didn't yet have this contour kit on the shelves, as this was the release date. Eager me decided to ask the staff assistant to check the drawers and hey presto there were a huge stack of these contour kits! I got a tad excited as seeing people on YouTube use this palette has made me so impatient to get this, I can't wait to try it and I feel like pairing it with the cream contour kit from Beauty UK is going to be double awesome. I don't think I've ever tried a matte highlighter before, so this will be totally new, the shade is beautiful though and so are the contouring colours. I really like that this is one universal shade, I hate the faff of having to decide which one to buy. 

MUA Spring Break Palette £4.00
The name of this palette makes me think of America! I spotted a few new products by MUA on an end stand and this palette caught my eye, the shades are so beautiful, shimmery and absolutely perfect for Spring, especially that gorgeous mint! As always you know that I love MUA palettes, they're such a bargain and make a fab addition to your collection whether you're a beginner or a true makeup hoarder (like me). This palette contains a few beautiful copper shades as well as a couple of pinks and purples which I'm so eager to try, definitely stepping out of my comfort zone there. 

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes £3.99
Firstly what an absolute bargain, secondly how pretty are these palettes?! These are pretty new, hot off the press and I can't find them online so I'm not sure when they'll be available but they are available right now in Superdrug stores! I picked up two of the three available, purely because there was a 3 for 2 offer on, and again, I'm a makeup hoarder! Nude is a beautiful selection of, you guessed it, nude shades that are lighter and less shimmery than Nude Bronze which contains more darker shades but they are very similar palettes. I love both of these and the colours are to die for, very similar style to the Urban Decay Naked Basics, except these shadows are shimmery.

Have you picked up any of these products recently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I will be featuring these products on both my Blog and YouTube channel in the future so check back soon for reviews etc! 
Alice May Snell