17 January 2015

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush | Review

For Christmas I received a few Zoeva brushes, I've been wanting to try the brand for a long time, especially the brushes. I see a lot of bloggers talking about the brand and the brushes seem to appear in a lot of the beauty YouTube videos I watch. I think Zoeva is a relatively affordable brand especially if you buy from beautybay.com with free delivery. Their eye brushes seem to be around the £6-£8 mark each and larger, face brushes are more over the £10 mark. I've been looking for the perfect sized brush to use for concealer, particularly around my eyes, but everything I've tried or looked into has been too big or too small. I came across the Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush on YouTube, when a vlogger was using it to contour, another amazing purpose for this brush. 

The 110 is quite similar to the Real Techniques Contour Brush but it's slightly smaller and more dense. The 110 is a fantastic brush for contouring, pairing it with a matte brown contour powder you can give yourself the most amazing cheek bones in seconds. Personally I have been using and loving this brush for my concealer because it fits around my eye area, chin and nose perfectly and is dense enough to buff the product in to look flawless and perfect each and every time. I have previously used the Real Technique's Contour Brush to buff concealer but the bristles are a lot less dense and therefore I feel like I achieve much less coverage with more concealer, and of course less is more! 

I love love love the style and design of the Zoeva brushes, I was considering asking for the rose gold design but when I discovered the handles were brown instead of black it kind of put me off. They are beautiful and seeing people use them makes me a little jealous but the silver and black coordinates much better with where I keep my brushes. 

I am so impressed with the quality of Zoeva brushes, at just £8.00 this brush is a fantastic one for any makeup lover to add to their collection. I feel like you could use this for so many different things and at such a good price for such good quality you can't really go wrong. You can pick this beauty up from beautybay.com or the Zoeva website but I believe there is a delivery free of around £7.00 to the UK. Have you tried anything from Zoeva before? I'm interested in their eyeshadow palettes next!

Alice May Snell