04 January 2015

The Perfect Lip Combo

Finding a nude lip colour that I like or even love is a bit of a challenge, I have pretty pigmented, naturally red lips so the majority of nude lip colours or lighter lip colours look streaky and awful. I envy you people with lovely soft natural lip colours! I also find it a complete task to find a lip colour that suits my skin tone, I find pink seems to suit me the best and it works quite nicely with my blue eyes. Recently I've sort of given up on my hunt and I've been wearing either a dark lip or nothing at all. 

For Christmas last year (wow that's weird..) I received the highly loved and raved about Mac lipstick in Creme Cup. Before properly trying it out, I wanted to find a lip liner to match, so the colour would show its true intensity on me. Thanks to my wonderful Twitter followers, I was introduced to East End Snob by Rimmel. 

These two products paired together are the most perfect match for a pink nude lip, suiting my skin tone perfectly, I honestly love this pairing. The Mac lipstick is in my favourite formula of cremesheen, I'm always drawn to this formula as its so moisturising and lasts so well throughout the day. I tend to apply the lip liner to the entire lip before applying the lipstick, this way I am guaranteed one colour all over. I can't believe how well the lip liner matches, and the consistency is so creamy and blends beautifully underneath the lipstick. 

I absolutely love this combination and it is one I will be rocking for many days during 2015, if you're new to Mac or want to buy your first Mac lipstick this would make a fantastic one. 

Alice May Snell