13 January 2015

Must Have iPhone Apps

Now I don't know about you, but I'm a little bit addicted to my iPhone, which sounds stupid and a little sad but that little device is a game changer. I use my iPhone for work, play, blogging, watching you name it, it can do it and after having one I'm not sure what I'd do without it! Today I wanted to share with you my favourite apps that I use on a daily basis, the things I find extremely useful and I feel you all would too, especially if you're a Blogger or YouTuber. The best part about this post is that all of the apps I use are 100% free from the Apple App Store, I'm sure there are alternatives available from Google, Android and other marketplaces.

I had this app a while ago and ended up deleting it because I didn't use it at all and it was very buggy, you couldn't even reply to comments or leave comments on other blogs. Since re downloading the app a few months ago it has massively improved, the user interface has been re designed and its so user friendly, easy to use and you can reply to comments! I love this app and find it so useful for tracking my notifications and catching up on my favourite blogs on the go. 

A few months ago I had no idea how Adsense worked but after a hundred blog post reads and a few helping hands I've managed to work it all out and this app is fab for keeping track on your ads and such. You can use the app to generate reports on your entire account or just for a specific url, which is really handy if you have more than one. 

This app is fantastic if you like to blog on the go, I'm the type of person who gets the best post ideas and inspiration and the complete wrong time so this app is my dream. You log in with your Google account and can draft or even publish posts straight from your iPhone, or iPad if you prefer! It's so handy for jotting down those quick notes that you can turn into a fab post later that day or finish when you have more time. 

Who else is a Twitter addict here? Just me? I've really got into Twitter lately and I've noticed a huge difference in the interaction my Blog and YouTube gets from using the social network more. I love sharing my posts and videos on my Twitter and seeing the feedback I receive but I also love Twitter for discovering new blogs, new channels and the most amazing people. I have made so many lovely friends on Twitter which sounds silly but really, everyone is so lovely and supportive. @alicemaysnell

I feel the same way about this as I do Twitter, my account has grown massively in the last few months, I think mostly because I have started posting daily and I've upped my game on picture quality. I love searching the hashtag #bbloggers or something to find new blogs to read and I am forever finding such amazing people again, like Twitter. Instagram is also fab for promoting yourself, your blog, channel or whatever it may be because there is such a wide audience, don't forget to use hashtags so people can find you! @alicemaysnell

The YouTube app is very handy for watching videos on the go, this is where I wish I'd gotten the iPhone 6 Plus! Sometimes I just can't wait till I'm home to watch a video therefore the app comes in extremely handy to watch on the go and it loads incredibly quickly, a lot quicker than the standard YouTube website. Just like Blogger you also sign in to this app, meaning your subscriptions and videos are all in one place, you can comment, like, subscribe just like you would on your desktop. 

I only very recently discovered this app, I can't actually remember who recommended it to me but thank you! The app actually shows you how many active visitors you have right now which amazes me and it's pretty spooky to see how many people are actually looking at your blog as we speak. I like to use this app to check my interaction, to see which posts were successful and which weren't so much. I also love the fact you can filter your readers down by country, I never knew I'd have readers from Germany and New Zealand!

I feel like this app would be so handy to so many bloggers. Pocket basically allows you to save blog posts, links etc. so you can read them whilst offline. Meaning you can still catch up with your favourite blogs and read any posts you may have missed on the go! 

Photoshop Express
I like to add a few little touches to my photos before posting them, I don't really edit them much but this app is very good for editing photos quickly and easy. The results are always fantastic and the app is free which is extremely good considering it is Photoshop! You can use the app to add filters, crop pictures and change levels such as brightness and saturation. 

What apps do you recommend? I'm always on the hunt for new ones to download and try!

Alice May Snell