09 January 2015

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly | Review

IndeedLabs has been a favourite brand of mine for a good few months now, maybe even over a year, with a fantastic range of products including the ever so famous Hydraluron. I remember first trying Hydraluron and thinking how amazing my skin felt, so soft and hydrated. I've also tried other products by the brand including Eysilix, an eye cream that actually works and Nanoblur. 

When IndeedLabs introduced Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, I was straight to Boots to pick one up, I absolutely love the other Hydraluron products and couldn't be more keen to try this one. The moisture booster comes in the gorgeous signature packaging, super sleek with a pop of colour. I really like the style of the packaging, with a suction pump it's easy to use and hygienic as well as ensuring you use every last bit of the 30ml product inside.

After using this for a good while now I can safely say this product is just as amazing as the rest, paired with the original Hydraluron my skin feels incredibly soft, supple and hydrated all day long. Gone are the days of suffering with dry patches of skin, my skin really does feel incredible. Compared to the serum, the jelly is thicker in consistency but smooths over the skin with little effort and sinks in instantly. I love how my skin feels after application, there is no sign of the product and my skin feels non-tacky and ready for make-up application. I have personally been using the jelly on top of the serum, for double hydration. I actually find the pump dispenser disperses a little more product than I actually need, but this isn't a problem as I can easily push the pump a little less to ensure I only use the required amount.

I am loving this product at the moment and I am so excited for the future for IndeedLabs! You can pick this beauty up for just £16.66 at the moment from Boots, usual price is £24.99 so be sure to snap it up whilst on offer.

What have you tried?

Alice May Snell