30 January 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | First Impressions

Wednesday was a pretty good day, I was on Twitter and noticed that people were mentioning the March Elle magazine issue being released. I was aware that a free sample of the new Benefit Roller Lash would be included so quickly rushed to my local Tesco to pick up a copy. They actually had the magazine out a day early which was super exciting, so yesterday and today I have tried it out for the first time. My opinion on the Benefit They're Real mascara was a pretty bad one, it didn't really do much for my lashes and left them feeling very heavy, crispy and quite spidery. However the claims on this little beauty seem right up my street and if this works, I can feel it becoming my new favourite mascara.

The packaging of the sample is very cute, girly and pink! I love Benefit packaging, its always designed so well and looks so pretty in my collection. The box includes a couple of pictures which is a before and after of the mascara being used, at first they look very straight and pretty non-existent but in the after photo they look so lifted and curled. The design of this mascara is inspired by hair rollers but instead this is a roller for your lashes, and if you see the brush closely you can really see this, it also has the perfect curl which looks like it will fit many eye shapes, including mine! 

Now my eyelashes are very straight, it takes a good eyelash curler and waterproof mascara to keep my eyelashes beautifully curled and in place all day. So far, after using this twice my first impressions are really good, I love the effect this gives with just one coat. I am so impressed in how this mascara lifts my lashes completely without needing to use eyelash curlers, obviously my lashes turn out a lot more curled when I do use them but I would be happy not to use them with this mascara. You can also build the mascara up for a more dramatic lash effect, the more you apply the longer, more curled and thicker your lashes become. I actually applied three coats one day and it didn't look clumpy at all, which was surprising, I think its the design of the brush which manages to grab every single lash. 

Overall I am so impressed and my first impressions are so good, I've only had this little beauty for three days but it's safe to say I will most likely be picking up the full size when on sale. If you want to try this out before its official release date, you can pick a sample up in the March edition of Elle magazine which is on sale right now for just £4.00, an absolute bargain for a fab magazine and a very lovely free gift! 

Alice May Snell